Work Schedule: The Productivity Balance & 9/8 Schedule

Today, every individual is struggling to strike a work-life balance. So, keeping this in a 9/80 work schedule is being devised by companies which will help in maintaining a significant work-life balance. So, in this article, we will discuss the 9/80 work-life balance more elaborately. Keep reading till the end to know more on this topic.

What is the 9/80 Work Schedule?

As we have mentioned earlier, the companies are devising the strategy of a 9/80 work schedule. This work schedule will allow the employees to take advantage of a short workweek every other week at the same time, still maintaining working larger hours for nine days on this plan. As per this plan, the employees will be working 80 hours for two weeks, and they will be splitting in nine days. These nine days will be heavy work hours in terms of duration, and they can take one week off every other week. The reason behind this is to give the employees the full advantage of taking a long weekend. This will help them to cater to their personal commitments, and they can take time to rest as well while still able to work full-time.

Now that you have got a good understanding of the work schedule of 9/80, it is now time to look at some of the benefits of this work schedule. Check out the next section of the article to know more.


In this section of the article, we will be listing out some of the benefits of a 9/80 work schedule. With this work schedule plan, the companies are adopting creative approaches in catering to their employees and encouraging them to maintain a significant work-life balance. Here are some of the benefits of a 9/80 work schedule:

Less Stress to Commute:

A major benefit of this work schedule is that there will be stress taken to travel to the office. Longer workdays will result in less travel to one work place, and this significantly reduces traveling expenses. Stress and money will be saved a lot.

Longer Weekends:

The very reason for devising the 9/80 work schedule is to get longer weekends. Longer weekends will give the employees a significant break from work. So that they can attend to their personal obligations and will ensure them to be well-rested. This will ensure improved work efficiency and will also increase productivity. The employees will get a good amount of time to spend with their family and friends. This will also be lessening burnout.

Improved Productivity:

When the employees are working for longer hours and every day of the week, they will develop work fatigue. To prevent that, the 9/80 work schedule is significant as the employees will be getting a good number of weekends catering to their commitment and they will be able to take time off from work. This will ensure increased and much-improved productivity as they will be coming back rejuvenated and energized to work.

Ensures Flexibility:

The 9/80 work schedule ensures flexibility as compared to the traditional 5-day work week. The employees will be able to schedule their appointments and days out accordingly without having to take time off in the weekdays.


As this 9/80 work schedule is relatively new, there are significant challenges that this work plan might face. In this section of the article, we will be listing out some of the challenges that the 9/80 work schedule faces. The challenges are:

Preferences of the Employees:

This is a significant challenge as opinions vary from person to person. Some employees find the longer weekends enjoyable, while others find the longer weekdays exhausting. This significantly impacts their work satisfaction.

Difficulty in Coordination:

The 9/80 work schedule demands careful coordination. Without careful coordination, it is difficult to execute the 9/80 plan. It is very important to coordinate efficiently to maintain efficient operations. This is particular of the tasks that require frequent collaboration and contacts.


It is important to implement the 9/80 work schedule. However, in the course of its implementation, it becomes quite challenging. The process will require good communication and modifications for corporating guidelines and also requires redistributing workloads. Hence, in the due course of its implementation, it is important to have all these requirements.

Effect on Work-Life Balance:

As this work schedule is devised to ease the employees in striking a work-life balance, it will still not be able to cater to every employee’s work-life balance. Some might find the longer weekdays exhausting and will still be experiencing difficulty in maintaining a work-life balance.

Ways You Can Implement 9/80 Work Schedule:

Well, there are certain ways by which you can implement the 9/80 work schedule despite the challenges. Read on to uncover them.

  • Consider gathering data about the interests of the employees before you implement the 9/80 work schedule. This will ensure you understand what the majority of the workforce wants and what are their views regarding the 9/80 work schedule. Consider giving a trial period and feedback session to every employee before you completely implement it.
  • Craft a comprehensive policy and consider laying out all the detailed particulars of the 9/80 work schedule. Consider including information about the specific work days, and hours, and exclusions. Make it a point to explain the objectives of the 9/80 work schedule in detail, as this will help in understanding the employees and the reason behind the implementation.
  • Consider pitching in the objectives, advantages, and challenges to the senior managers, and this will help them secure their support.  You can also consider addressing any kind of worries that might lead to difficulty and will significantly be in the way while implementing this plan. Hence, the 9/80 work schedule can be implemented while securing the maximum support from the higher authority.
  • Before you permanently implement the 9/80 work plan, you can consider determining the business’s operational needs. This timetable will be more suitable for some professions than the other professions. So, consider the attainment of the operation needs via the 9/80 work schedule. Hence, it is important to consider these while you set out to implement the 9/80 work schedule.


The 9/80 work plan is a very efficient and profitable way to work while at the same time maintaining a work-life balance. You can easily implement this in your corporation, which will serve to attain the objectives of the 9/80 work schedule and will facilitate the employees to work for longer hours without hampering their personal obligations. That’s all, folks. I hope the article helped you in getting all the information you needed.

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