Understanding and Reaching the Audience in the Luxury Market

We know that the holiday season is here, and Vogue and Amazon ads are the two brands that are making sure you get the best of luxury market fashion and other gifting options at the best of deals. They are also simultaneously researching ways to do effective holiday trading while significantly connecting with the luxury fashion audience. Want to know more? Keep reading the article.

Vogue and Amazon Ads

As the brands are preparing themselves for holiday trading during challenging shifts in the economy, new research from the Vogue Business in partnership with Amazon ads has explored the motives that could continue to drive shopper behavior during key gifting occasions over the coming year. The research has surveyed over 1,000 luxury consumers in the US who have spent a minimum of $1,000 per year on designer fashion, which helps brands and advertisers identify the needs of consumers across different spending, frequency thresholds, volumes, and when shopping for luxury goods. The research has also provided unique insights into the content luxury shoppers prioritize — not only when shopping but during everyday activities such as streaming TV shows.

Aim of the Research

The research is done to understand the overlap between luxury consumers in the US and frequent users of Amazon services. With a comprehensive digital network comprising the  Amazon store, Twitch, Prime Video, and more, Amazon touchpoints have reached 97 percent of luxury consumers in the US. Also, 67 percent of luxury consumers in the US visit the Amazon store multiple times per week or more, making it one of the primary channels for discovering and shopping for luxury fashion.

The data has also revealed a much bigger opportunity for connecting with consumers with the right branded content through all these channels. These channels help support luxury consumers’ discovery and consideration paths. Although they are not directly shopping for luxury goods via With such high penetration in the US market, the research shows that Amazon can help advertisers engage high-spending and high-volume luxury shoppers, even if the brands do not have a storefront on the Amazon store.

The Procedure of the Research

As per the research, three types of content seem relatable to the consumers participating. Firstly, messaging around novelty has proven to be attractive to shoppers on the hunt for new products, exclusive designs, and limited editions. These shoppers also value sustainability and innovation around materials. Secondly, the storytelling around heritage has appealed to shoppers who prioritize values. This group also exhibits a stronger interest in co-branded collaborations. Finally, celebrity content, which involves influencers and ambassadors, helps to inspire lifestyle-oriented consumers.

With the anticipation of the future festive season, the research has revealed that 40% of the consumers who have a $150K+ household income start planning their gift purchases for the holiday season 2-3 months in advance. This provides the advertisers with a relatively long lead time to reach shoppers. The research has also broken down the motives, content needs, segments, and holidaying purchasing habits of luxury consumers while also identifying the overlap with users of Amazon touchpoints. It has also provided essential insights for brands and marketers planning their advertising strategies for the coming year. The findings are summarized in a new whitepaper available exclusively to Vogue Business readers — ‘Beyond the limit: Understanding audiences and how to reach them in the luxury market.’


The research has significantly shown the essential connectivity points that could help Vogue Business reach a luxury audience in the global market. In this article, we briefly discuss the research conducted by Vogue Business in partnership with Amazon Ads. That’s all, folks. I hope the article helped you in getting all the information you needed.

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