Balance Personal and Study Time : Tips To Follow

Time management becomes a crucial aspect as you grow in life. Even as a student, there occur times when you find it troublesome to manage multiple tasks at once. When you devote more time to study, your personal life seems neglected. On the other hand, when you begin to have more leisure time, your studies suffer. To come up with the solution to Balance Personal and Study Time, we are here to tell you certain ways to balance personal time and study time and not compromise any of it. It can be done with good management skills and sticking to a schedule that is convenient for you to follow. Keep scrolling to know more.

How to Balance Personal Time and Study Time

The most common issue faced by students at the school level, graduation level, or post-graduation level is the difficulty in Balance Personal and Study Time. Balancing personal time and study time has become so cumbersome of a process that students often fall victim to depression, anxiety, or stress. Here are certain ways to balance personal time and study time.

Do Not Procrastinate

The first and foremost way to balance personal time and study time is to stop procrastinating. Delaying your study or the tasks assigned to you might result in accumulating a lot of work which gets hard to complete.

With enough work in hand and less time to reach the deadline, you are forced to give your time into studying, and that causes stress or might even result in burnout. Thus, it is better to complete the tasks or assignments given to you on time.

Have a “Rest” Day

Technically humans are not machines so they can not work or study every day. At times it is crucial to value your personal life more over your study life or work life. Thus, it is suggested that to balance study life and personal life one must have a “Rest” day wherein you give time to yourself.

A “Rest” day ensures better management and future planning. Having a day off also helps reduce stress, anxiety, or depression. Not only this, it also provides an individual with more strength to handle pressure well. All in all, a cheat day or a rest day can be your saviour for the future.

Avoid Multitasking

There is no doubt that multitasking is done by nearly every student during their student life. However, one important factor that we often neglect is that multitasking reduces the efficiency of an individual to a large extent. The same work that could be done by you with 90 per cent perfection reduces to 60 to 70 per cent when you try to multitask things.

Thus, when it comes to balancing personal life and study life, you should rather try to manage the studies that you have or the assignments that are given to you and then spare enough time for your personal life instead of doing “just too many” tasks at once.

Try to Avoid Distractions

With excessive distractions just a click away, it is difficult and hard to not deviate from your study or the schedule that you have planned for yourself. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social networking platform, you might be using at least two of them and these platforms turn up to be the biggest distractions for a student.

Not only do you spend hours scrolling through reels or sharing memes, but certain posts might even act as a barrier to your effective study. At times, you might even feel demotivated by seeing someone (maybe your classmate) doing better than you and sharing it on Instagram or Facebook. Thus, try to avoid distractions as much as possible.

Do Not Forget Your Health

In most cases, students devote themselves too much to their studies that they not only forget to give time to their personal lives but even pay no attention to their health. It can result in serious repercussions and can cause serious illness to a student as well.

Adding onto that, amongst all the hassles, students forget to eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Poor food intake provides no energy to a student and he can not perform up to his full potential. It is most commonly the case during the time of examinations. Hence, health should be given topmost priority.

Utilize Your Time in Doing Creative Things

Studying is not merely restricted to bookish knowledge or just mugging up everything given in your textbooks. On the lighter side, you can spare time for a lot of creative things such as writing poetry, painting, reading books, dancing, or listening to music, whatever feels good to you. It will not only make you feel relaxed, but you will also feel satisfied to follow your passion and be able to work on it.

Stick to a Schedule

When it comes to balancing personal life and study life, sticking to a well-created schedule is pretty important. In most cases, students formulate an extremely strict study schedule for themselves after feeling motivated by someone or the other and then never follow it for more than 3 to 4 days.

Thus, one necessary factor to keep in mind while creating a schedule for yourself is to be very realistic and have a schedule that fits perfectly into your entire day-to-day activities. This would ensure that you conveniently follow the study schedule and then have enough time left for your personal life.

Have a Designated Study Space

You might not ever feel it, but the space wherein you choose to study makes a difference. The hall area or the living room in your house can never provide you with the same concentration or the will to study as your study room would. Sometimes it’s just about the vibe.

Consequently, as a student, it should be your prime responsibility to have a designated study space for yourself and study in the particular space whenever you do. If not, studying at the same place where you eat or rest removes the line between study life and personal life and it might cause distractions.

Plan and Organize Your Tasks

Having a healthy and balanced study life and personal life is merely not possible until you plan and organize your tasks and the study you need to do every day or every weekend. When you carefully plan your work, it will surely provide you with an edge over other students and you might perform better.

Until and unless a proper and well-laid plan is made for your study, you can not “really” enjoy or be at peace in your personal life. Firstly, you might forget the things you need to do and secondly, amongst several responsibilities, you might feel stressed or annoyed quite often if an efficient plan is not made for your study.

Focus on your Goals and Celebrate your Victories

Well, it might sound weird or absurd, but celebrating small victories in your study life or little moments of happiness can majorly have an impact on how you feel in your personal life. Celebrating such moments boosts your willingness to study better and perform exceptionally well in your assignments or exams.

Furthermore, when you learn to be happy with little success, you no longer need any extrinsic motivation. The motivation to do better than before comes from within. This way, your study life turns out to be amazing, and side by side, your personal life becomes happy and healthy too.

Conclusion | Balance Personal and Study Time

Having an accurate balance between study life and personal life is not very hard to achieve. All you need to take care of is the fact that you manage everything properly depending upon your lifestyle. Moreover, when it comes to sticking to a schedule to get good results, you must set a schedule that you can follow even in the long run and it should not be a few days thing. Also, try not to procrastinate on the work or tasks that are assigned to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to make a schedule to balance study life and personal life?

  1. Having a schedule to follow as a student helps in keeping you disciplined and well-organized. It also helps in easily knowing the work you have in hand and the tasks that are already done. Not only this but as a student, you learn to be persistent and consistent by having a study schedule to follow.

2. Shall I study for too many hours to score well?

  1. No, it is just a myth that the longer you study, the better you score. In reality, you should study as per your capacity. However, you should set a timetable and study daily. Procrastination is the cause of poor performance. Studying in an organized manner is more effective than studying for too many hours.


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