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A voice-over artist is a unique role in entertainment and communication. Characters are voiced in animation, video games, and audiobooks. They are vocal performers with a variety of vocal styles, not just proficient communicators. Voice over jobs is an exciting Job that includes narrating thrilling stories and making calming ads. This page covers everything about voiceover artists, including how to get started and where to get work.

Let’s discover the world of fantastic stories and messages full of voices.

Types of Voice-Over Jobs

Radio, TV ads, animated movies, and computer and video games utilize voiceover artists. You can do voiceover jobs from home. Common voice actor roles:

Animated films Voice Over Jobs

Animation voice artists utilize their voices to give characters life in animated films and videos. A production company may employ you to read from a script and voice many characters with unique personalities and feelings. Communicating each character’s individuality via voice is a major aim of this Voiceover job. You need to learn fundamental acting methods to convey different emotions and viewpoints if you want to do this at home.

Video Game Voice Over Jobs

A video game’s voice actor may narrate or voice a playable character. Characters often have extended chats in video games, particularly RPGs. Game developers may encourage character layers and complexity in several ways. Video game makers may use the narrator to define rules and narrate dramatic and movie sequences.

Audiobook Voice-Over Job

Many popular titles have audiobook versions read by the authors. Other voice actors may voice the book if the authors decline. The artist’s elocution—how they pronounce words, punctuate sentences, and make communication symbolic—is vital to audiobook voiceovers. Genres differ widely in writing styles. To engage listeners, you may include animal sounds in a children’s book.

Maps and virtual assistant Voice Over Jobs

Voice assistants on computer systems allow users to provide voice commands and execute tasks without touching the device. These smart assistants can read news, weather forecasts, sports scores, and more. Voice actors behind these synthetic voices speak English well and make their arguments clear. The participative voice of assistive technology may engage with individuals every day.

Podcast Voice-Over Job

Voice acting on a podcast episode or series may be possible. Some podcasters hire permanent voice talent, although many prefer their own. Voice actors may record the opening sequence, read instructive or amusing texts, and perform advertising. Focus on speaking cadence for clarity, tone for audience engagement, and breath and pause awareness to enhance your podcast voice.

Commercial Voice Over Jobs

Actors promote product and service ads on video. These actors/actresses may have a strong voice and express the brand’s message via emotion. Marketers may hire excellent voice actors to give dimension to their characters. Companies may also narrate instructional and marketing videos using voiceover artists.

Multimedia Voice Over Jobs

A voice actor who informs audiences and records audio. Museum speakers typically discuss historical, cultural, and scientific items. Another example is the metro train voice that tells commuters when and how long their train will arrive. Readers speak expressively, and announcers speak authoritatively.

Documentary Voice-Over Job

Documentaries frequently focus on the people seen, unlike fiction films. Characters may not have lines due to the material. The voice-over in a documentary is frequently the viewers’ initial impression. If the documentary is about the Second World War, the voiceover artist should be sympathetic but also intriguing to viewers who are learning about particular dates and incidents.

Professional Voice Over Jobs

Business owners want voice actors for a variety of roles to improve profits. These professionals can design brand, product, and service voicemails. The marketing department may hire a voiceover performer for a corporate website welcome. These creatives may also be used to instruct employees by making the information engaging. The HR department may use a voice actor to read papers.

How do you become a voice-over artist?

A unique and compelling voice is essential to get a high-paying Voiceover Job. So, start your voiceover profession by following these steps:

Earn a certificate via training

Certificate programs may be taken online or in person. Voice recording courses may include how to use your voice to record scripts, how to acquire the best sound from your equipment, and what voice recordings are best for radio and television. These classes may teach audio recording software for a complete education.

A Voice Over channel

Your podcast channel lets you experiment with voices and styles. You could do an entertainment episode and then a historical segment on your podcast. With practice, you may learn a variety of voice modulation techniques and build your own styles. A podcast channel is a terrific method to start voice acting and get listeners.

Freelance and Intern

Experience may also be gained via freelance employment. Getting appropriate work experience and networking opportunities can help you acquire a job following this endeavor. Working with different teams and directors during internships may teach you a lot. These projects may provide pre- and post-production possibilities.

Voice artist Skills

Following are some voiceover artist skills.


Voice actors work in several industries and play many characters; thus, they must be able to provide a diversity of sounds. A versatile voice actor may voice a talking bunny in a kids’ audiobook or describe the hazards of allergy therapy in a TV commercial.


Voice actors are taught to create delight and passion in their listeners. A good voice actor will think of ways to make the character more human.

Simple VoiceOverJobs Platform at Home

  • Snap Recordings

Businesses may employ Snap Recordings’ excellent voiceover services. Scripts are read, word counts are submitted, and international voice performers are recruited. Applicants must have a dedicated studio and complete assignments quickly.

  • FlexJobs

One of the most trustworthy remote work sites, FlexJobs offers over 50 job categories, including voiceover jobs. Freelance, telecommuting, contract and permanent jobs are available. FlexJobs offers resume help, career advice, interview preparation, and more.

  • VoiceBunny

VoiceBunny also hires professional voice actresses. It boasts over 28,000 voiceover actors and matches the greatest artists with the best projects. There are no membership or commission fees, and you choose your rates. Apply for projects consumers post on the website, where voiceover tasks start at $31 per gig.

  • Voice123

Voice123 has over 250,000 voice actor job opportunities. This marketplace matches client initiatives with talent. Casting or publishing projects in the pool helps clients identify talent. Their biggest strength is accepting voice talents from all over the world. It also uses SmartCast to locate the best-paid talent for auditions.

  • Fiverr

One of the major freelancing markets, Fiverr, offers voiceovers. Fiverr is great for beginner voice performers due to its low pay.

  • Voquent

Voquent is a UK freelance voiceover marketplace. They assist companies with voice acting, dubbing, localization, and translation. More than 27,000 voice actors have joined up, making this the greatest spot to start your career. Voquent voiceover gigs often pay $200–$500, depending on media, experience, and genre. 

Other platforms where you get voiceover jobs

Voiceover work is available on Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. If you’re new to voice acting, these sites may be an excellent starting point. Also, check FlexJobs for professional voice-over employment. Jobs are listed worldwide and are legal.

Advice for voiceover newbies


Compliments on one’s voice are common, but if one wishes to earn a livelihood, it must be refined. Do some work and school before seeking a job online.

Proper Tools 

Most of these engagements don’t need a home studio, although a quiet area to record would help. You may enter voice acting cheaply. 

Example Videos 

A demo reel with your voiceover work will grab a company’s notice. No matter how good your singing is, a bad recording will keep you from being hired. The voiceover acting industry is competitive; thus, precise information, high-quality demo samples, and fast service are essential.

With no voiceover experience, how much can I earn?

Voice actors may negotiate project- or job-by-job pricing. A production may feature several voice-acting roles. A radio advertisement in a smaller market may earn $35, 15 to 20 seconds of internet content $150, a 30-second radio commercial $250 to $350, and an audiobook $2,000 to $5,000. Voice performers are typically paid per script word. Consider how long it will take to record the script and how much you want to earn each hour. Prices should reflect that. Voiceover Jobs’s salary depends on how much experience and tasks you have.


Outside of animation and video games, voiceover artists work in audiobooks, podcasts, ads, and more. Voiceover artists require versatility, innovation, and clarity. Snap Recordings, FlexJobs, VoiceBunny, and Fiverr allow beginners to make money performing voiceovers remotely. Pay in this field might vary greatly depending on expertise and work requirements. Voice acting is a rewarding job for those with talent and determination.

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