Freelance Jobs Online for Beginners: Freelance Jobs that Pay Well

If you are willing to become financially independent, bear your own expenses, or add some extra earnings to your income, then online freelance jobs are one of the best ways to earn handsome pay. Not only does freelance work online provide you with more money in hand, but you are sure to experience the flexibility to work as well.Most organizations allow you to step into a freelance job without any time guidelines or restrictions of fixed working hours. Moreover, for the time being, ample freelance work opportunities are flooding the market. Considering the same, we have compiled a list of the 25 best freelance jobs online for beginners that even pay well.

25 Best Freelance Jobs for Beginners in 2023 that Pay Well

Some of the most easy freelance jobs are as follows: 


For all those who feel that they can build a career in writing and possess know-how or marketing, a copywriter is the best freelance job for them. As a copywriter, you need to be precise with your words and write several advertising copies to uplift the brand. The average earning of a freelance copywriter can be 18,000 to 20,000 INR.You COpywriting is best freelance for beginners.

Public Relations Associate

If you can manage stress and have a creative mindset along with excellent communication skills then you can opt for freelancing as a Public Relations Associate. As a PR Associate, you have to have a conversation with several people and even conduct research at times. You can earn 1 Lakh INR as a Public Relations Associate. It is also one of the best freelance jobs online for beginners.

Online Tutor

Teaching could be your passion or profession. In both cases, you can always choose to be an online tutor and share your knowledge of the subject with thousands of students. Several platforms are open for online tutors in today’s world. All you need is a laptop, a working internet connection, and your skills to make a handsome earning of 2.2 Lakhs INR per annum. Teaching is a best freelance jobs online for beginners.

Digital Marketer

Well, who in today’s world is not aware of digital marketing? A number of businesses nowadays grow and expand themselves with the help of digital marketing. Thus, if you feel that you have incomparable convincing skills then digital marketing can be one of the highest-paying job options for you as a freelancer

Social Media Manager

The most suitable and trending way of reaching a wider audience nowadays is through social media. With the growth in the popularity of social media, social media management has emerged to be an amazing freelance job for beginners that pays you incredibly well. All you need to do is create quality content and promote the brands in a manner to have user engagement. As a social media manager, you are likely to earn 5 LPA.

UI/UX Developer

Another field that you can explore as a beginner in freelancing is UI/UX design. UI/UX design is purposely meant for those individuals who are more inclined toward the technological world and know the best of coding and design. Every brand existing today needs a UI/UX developer for sure. A beginner in the field earns around 5 LPA

Graphic Designer 

With decent and captivating graphics on your website, you are likely to attract more customers and that is why businesses require a graphic designer. If you consider yourself good with images and designs and you can put forward some extremely fascinating graphics, then you can work as a freelancer in graphic design. For this job, you might get paid up to 3 LPA.

SEO Consultant

Optimizing the content on your website in a manner to get the maximum traffic has become a major need for brands. Every brand expects a higher visibility on their website and to ensure that, one needs an SEO consultant. If you possess a good know-how of the SEO tools then you can begin as an SEO consultant. As a freelancer, you can earn 300 INR per hour.This is another famous freelance jobs online for beginners.

Recruiting Agent

With excessive competition, getting the right fit for a job role becomes such a hassle that most organizations are compelled to take help from a professional recruiting agent who can guide them to find the perfect person for a job. As a recruitment agent, you are supposed to place advertisement vacancies, do resume screening, and even conduct interviews at times.


If you have the advantage of knowing more than one or two languages then you are good to go as a translator. It is one of the most convenient freelance jobs for a beginner that can pay you well. In most cases, a translator is responsible for converting one business document into another language through his skills. This freelance online work-from-home job can pay you nearly 4 LPA.

Financial Advisors

In order to fulfil and achieve long-term financial goals, most businesses or individuals rely upon financial advisors. If you have a background in finance and you have an understanding of the share market, stocks, investments, SIPs, etc. then you should become a freelance financial advisor. Simply by working online, you can earn around 3 LPA.

Data Analytics 

No business in today’s time can be fully functional without understanding and comprehending the market situation and gathering data and information on the same. This work is performed by a person good at data analytics. As a data analyst, you might have daily tasks to perform and you can generate an income of 4 LPA.

Virtual Assistant 

Beginning freelancing as a virtual assistant is something that is not known to everyone, however, it is in great demand nowadays. A virtual assistant needs to transcribe interviews and schedule meetings for work. This job can pay you around 4 LPA. This can be one of the easy freelance jobs online for beginners.

3-D Modeler

Quite understandably, a 3-D modeller needs to design a three-dimensional model as per the needs and requirements of the client. Usually, a 3-D modeller works for game makers and artists. To pursue this online freelance work, you need to have immense knowledge of 3D design.


Social media influencers and creators are extensively increasing with each passing day. In most cases, the content creators need a subtitle for their video content. As a subtitling freelancer, you can earn well by providing them the subtitles and you can get paid 3 LPA. 

Content Writer

To write and deliver quality-oriented content that is simple yet effective is something that a content writer does. If you have good writing skills, a command of grammar, and a passion for exploring various topics to write, then you may opt for freelancing as a content writer. As a successful content writer, you can earn up to 3 LPA

Pay Per Click Executive 

Pay-per-click executive is someone who is responsible for setting up the PPC campaigns and ads that you might have often seen while operating Google or Amazon. As soon as you click on that advertisement, intentionally or unintentionally, the brand gets paid. Thus, a pay-per-click executive makes data-based decisions and can earn up to 5 LPA.

Freelance Instructor 

For all those who have expertise in any skill, freelance instructor can be an amazing online freelancing job to make good money. A freelance instructor is not merely restricted to teaching subjects, you can even be a yoga instructor, a dance or a music instructor entirely based on your skills. With this, you can earn nearly 5 LPA

Video Editor

From sound effects to dialogue to special effects to making the video look attractive, everything is done by a video editor. If you have a command of video editing then beginning as a freelance video editor might work wonders for you and you can earn 3 LPA approximately. 

Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers are in huge demand nowadays due to their immense fan following and reach. As a social media influencer, you can share or spread information on various topics of your choice and make an income of around 2 LPA


Blogging is another online freelancing activity or job that you can opt for. The best part about choosing blogging as a freelancer is that there exist no restrictions on the basis of age, profession, or gender. You can simply share your experience and interest with others and earn money.


With video content becoming more trending and popular in today’s time, vlogging has become more important and interesting for a freelance job than blogging. If you feel that you have top-notch content that can gain views, you can upload it on platforms such as YouTube. 

Yoga Instructor 

Fitness and personal well-being has become a prime objective of most people nowadays. Considering the need, beginning your freelance work online as a yoga instructor can prove to be extremely fruitful for you. As a yoga instructor, you can earn upto 3 LPA.


A ghostwriter is different from a blogger or a content writer in a way that he writes anonymously for whosoever it is. If you have an interest in writing articles, then ghostwriting is a good earning alternative for you. A ghostwriter can earn as much as 9 LPA.

Freelance Photographer 

Lastly, you can earn upto 3 LPA as a freelance photographer. All you need to have is a creative mind and the ability to click good pictures and then you are all set to become a freelance photographer. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do Freelancers get work?

 Freelancers can find work on various platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.

2. Do Freelancers earn well?

As a freelancer, you can earn 2 to 5 LPA if you have the right skills and interests needed for the job.

3. Which freelancing is best for beginners?

Beginners can try content writing, online tutoring, instructing, etc. depending on their niche. 


The best freelancing jobs for beginners that pay you well are increasing in number with each passing day. There is always an online freelancing job for everyone, depending on your skills and abilities. Hope that this article has helped you to know about some of the jobs that you can try.

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