Carbon Neutral: The Noble Goal of Apple!

We know that one of the biggest cell phone manufacturing brands is Apple, and not only do they build the best iPhones, but they also look at environmental concerns. That is the true sign of a successful brand. Environmental sustainability has become an important facet today, especially when pollution, wildfires, and earthquakes have become a common phenomenon. In this view, Apple has aimed to be carbon neutral in 2023. Let us dig deeper into this.

The Goal:

Apple has planned to eliminate its contributions to climate change this decade, the company has announced recently. To reach this goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. They will be reducing its greenhouse gas pollution by 75 percent and then will be finding ways to draw down the remaining 25 percent of its heat-trapping emissions.

They have also cut down its carbon dioxide emissions by 4.3 million metric tons in 2019, as per the 2020 Environmental Progress Report that was released today. This represents a 35 percent drop in absolute carbon dioxide emissions since the company peaked in 2015. There is a reduction as it’s been able to achieve even as it sold more products. However, it still pumped out a lot of carbon dioxide in 2019, which is 25.1 million metric tons. This number is equivalent to six coal-fired power plants, which chugs along for a year.

The Growth So Far:

Folks, as we speak, Apple’s significant goal is quite achievable, as the company has already started curbing a lot of its toxic resources. Apple has also cut back on its planet-heating pollution by using recycled materials. Additionally, also improves the energy efficiency of its products. Its products use about 73 percent less energy on average now than they emitted 11 years ago. The tech giant says that its operation and emissions from its facilities and business travel have become carbon neutral in April of this year. In the year 2018, Apple announced that it would be purchasing enough renewable energy in order to power its global operations. It will be quite a task for Apple to shrink emissions from making its products, and this accounted for 76 percent of its carbon footprint in 2019.

The Challenge Ahead:

Well, folks, Apple has managed to reduce a lot of carbon emissions from its past products, but the real challenge that lies ahead is finding the right suppliers of renewable energy. Apple plans to work with suppliers who run on renewable energy, which is quite a challenge. It says that it has gotten a commitment from more than 70 suppliers to use only renewable energy for Apple production. This estimation will reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to taking 3 million cars off the road yearly.

The challenge is quite big as the carbon emissions also depend on the sales. However, the tech giant is aiming to fulfill the noble cause. Hence, it can only be hoped that they will succeed in becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

The Plan:

Well, folks, as we speak of the carbon-neutral goal of Apple, we have to mention the plan that it has set for reducing carbon emissions significantly. Apple is significantly aiming at banking on being able to draw down carbon dioxide as it’s responsible for releasing it into the atmosphere. However, rather than investing in emerging technologies such as some of its rivals, it has also committed to working with environmental groups like Conservation International. This is solely given to protect and restore forests and mangroves, which naturally draw in and store carbon dioxide.

This commitment of Apple comes on the heels of the climate goals set by Amazon and Microsoft.

Microsoft has already become carbon neutral in 2012 and said it would become carbon negative. They have also discussed removing more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than it emit — by 2030. Not only this, folks, the tech giant has also pledged to invest about $1 billion in technologies to help it remove all of the carbon dioxide it has pumped out since the company was founded.

Another tech giant, Amazon, is also in favor of carbon-neutral production of goods. It also set its goal of becoming carbon neutral last year, hoping to achieve it by 2040. In June, it also announced a new $2 billion fund, which will be utilized to speed up the development of technologies that will help companies cut down their carbon emissions. Despite its climate commitments, the company released 15 percent more carbon dioxide in 2019 than it did the previous year as its sales grew.

Harmful Effects of Carbon Emissions:

As the big tech giants are already gearing up to become carbon neutral, let us briefly look at the harmful effects of carbon emissions.

Well, it is needless to mention that carbon emissions harm the environment. They are dangerous in the way that they threaten the livelihood of our planet, animals, humans, and, ultimately, life. The amount of carbon emissions that are trapped in our atmosphere causes global warming, which causes climate change. The symptoms include the melting of the polar ice caps, the disturbance of animals’ natural habitats, rising sea levels, and extreme weather events, among other negative side effects. These are dangerous to human and animal life, the planet, and our future.


It is a noble goal that Apple sets to become carbon neutral by 2023. However, the real task is to overcome the challenges on its way to becoming carbon neutral. In this article, we have briefly discussed Apple’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. That’s all, folks. I hope the article helped you in getting all the information you needed.

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