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The Apple Max Headphones | Redefine Audio Standards

All the Apple users assemble! We have got some exciting news for you all. In this article, we will be giving a quick review of the Apple Max headphones. Are you looking to buy them? Are they worth it? Is the sound quality good? Well, all these questions will be answered in this article about the Apple Max headphones. Keep reading till the end as we decode everything about this new baby in the house.

 The Apple Max Headphones:

Folks, if you have been keeping track of Apple launches, then you might have known that when Apple first released its headphones Max back in 2020, the price was exceptionally steep. To buy that one, The Apple Max Headphones, people had to pay a hefty amount of £549. At that point, it seemed quite a heavy amount when compared to its other competitors. As of now, the extendable headbands, the mesh headbands, and the elegant aluminum cups of the Airpods Max give it the maximum style that it deserves.

If you own your Apple Max Headphones, then be ready for a color upgrade as Apple has got, apart from grey, other colors such as silver, sky blue, green, and pink. All these colors are great and are super attractive that you cannot resist it from not buying. Also, there are strong rumors that Apple will be coming up with some more updated colors for the current generation of AirPods Max before releasing the second generation of the device.

Are you all excited? Well, if you want to explore more about The Apple Max Headphones, then head to the next section of the article now!

The Apple Max Headphones- Review:

If you are looking to buy yourself The Apple Max Headphones, then consider these few points and then make your decision. Here’s a quick review for you all:

Audio Quality:

Well, when it comes to the sound or audio quality of  The Apple Max Headphones, there is no match. Not only does it give the best sound quality within the Bluetooth domain, but it also has unmatched audio performance. They very clearly do not match the standards of fidelity with the finest wired headphones. However, when it comes to the major competitors like Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, and Bang & Olufsen, the Apple Max headphones stand at par. Nonetheless, the sound quality is Apple’s signature sound, which is top-notch in most of their headphones and undoubtedly the best sound. When you put on the headphones, you will find that the sound quality is balanced, without any kind of distortion, and has a very good degree of soundstage breadth.

 Overall, it is great when it comes to delivering the sound. People are more impressed with Apple’s “Adaptive EQ,” which detects the type of music that you are listening to. Then, it automatically adjusts the levels to provide a better experience. Are you in love with  The Apple Max Headphones already? Head to the next section to explore more.


If you are looking for a slick headphone, then you have to get your hands on the Apple Max Headphones. The design is top-notch with the stainless steel mesh headband, and the aluminum outer shell of the rounded-off square cups is padded for extra comfort. Not only that, you will be getting the benefit of different colors as well, like silver, gray, blue, pink, green, and many others. So, you have got a color to match every style of yours. Apple has truly inculcated the style element in its design.

When it comes to the controls, you will find that the only controls are there on the digital crown of one cup, which can be used for changing the music. You will also find a button that effectively switches between the transparency mode and noise reduction. You will also get the advantage of a voice assistant like Siri, which you can summon by pushing the little dial that you will find on the headset. This feature is very familiar to the people who are using the Apple watch. When it comes to the charging time, all you need is two hours. You will find the lighting port at the bottom of the second cup. You can also connect the Apple Max Headphones to your iPad, phone, or MacBook using the connector. However, if you are looking to purchase an Apple jack, you will be charged with additional cost of £40.

However, the design of the Apple Max Headphones is a bit controversial as the design does not have the typical oval or round aesthetics at the price range of this headset. Also, the Apple Max Headphones are much bigger than the other models, and hence, they are less practical when it comes to traveling.

Battery Durability:

Well, we all like listening to music without getting any interruption, isn’t it? Especially if our headphones are fully charged, it becomes double the fun to listen to music for as long as we want. However, much of it depends on the durability of the battery as well. When it comes to the durability of the battery of the Airpod Max, it was at par with most of its competitors when it was first released. The different models of the Apple headphone have different battery durability.

For instance, the AirPods Max have a 20-hour battery life when you turn on the active noise cancellation. However, there are some other models of Apple headphones that have a 30-hour battery life. Along with it, there are other models of Apple headphones that give a 50-hour battery life. When it comes to normal use, a 20-30-hour battery life is more than enough, but if you are using the Apple Max Headphones for a longer time, then a 50-hour battery life would do the job.

Noise Cancellation and Transparency:

One of the most amazing features of the Apple headphones is the noise cancellation feature. Who doesn’t like listening to music without any external interference? Well, if you are getting your hands on the Apple Max headphones, then you need not worry about external interference at all. These headphones are great when it comes to the weight as well as the clamping force. This is a great feature as you will not be facing any trouble when you are wearing them and undoubtedly look very stylish.

When you are comparing the leather cups of the headphones to other headphones then you will realise that the leather cups of the Apple Max headphones are made of much more comfortable fabric. This also helps in not experiencing overheating. These are powerful noise cancellers, but the passive isolation could have been a little better. However, they are not much of a bummer as they are the perfect noise-canceling headphones that you want to wear on a daily basis.

Spatial Audio:

If you are a tech junkie, then you must have heard about the spatial audio. Well, spatial audio is what Apple calls its surround sound technology. When you look at a typical sound system, you will find that in a typical surround sound speaker system, multiple speakers are positioned around the listener, which gives them the illusion of space. Software processing creates the same effect in headphones. And the sound gets encoded as objects that come through the right and left channels found in the 3D space. This gives the surround sound effect.

This effect can be better experienced when you are wearing the Apple Max headphones while watching a movie or show that supports it. You will get an immersive experience with the spatial sound feature. Another unique feature that Apple makes sure of is that it ensures that the sound comes from the same place in which your head moves. Well, it is a great advantage for all iOS device holders. Unfortunately, this feature is not supported by Android and Windows users. However, you can think of upgrading your device to iOS!


The Apple Max headphones are great when it comes to design and style. If you are looking to upgrade your headphones, then you know which one to buy. Although the price of the Apple Max headphones is a bit higher. You can easily opt for the other headphones from Apple’s competitors, but you can consider the Apple Max headphones if you want to experience the best iOS sound device. Make sure to look at the review to gain more clarity about the same. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help you to get all the information you need.

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