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Wedding Traditions of Georgia- A Magical Walkthrough

A wedding is a beautiful ceremony uniting two individuals. However, the traditions play a vital role in the ceremony. They are not only fun and unique but also give a wedding identity of their own. In this article, we will be discussing, in brief, some of the wedding traditions in Georgia that not only make Georgian weddings unique but also hold meaning in their own. So, keep reading the article till the end as we decode all the traditions.

Georgian Wedding:

If you are looking to have a Georgian wedding, then you must know some facts about the traditional marriage of Georgia. Georgian weddings are filled with rituals that are not just rituals but more. They celebrate the vibrancy of a nation and also highlight the happiness in bringing together love that transcends time. The wedding traditions of Georgia are truly captivating which fills the hearts of those who are blessed and fortunate to witness the ceremony. Not only is Georgia a great wedding destination, but the traditions of the ceremony are one of a kind, which bespoke togetherness and love.

Now that you have got a glimpse of the wedding traditions of Georgia. Head to the next section of the article as we unveil the magical traditions of Georgian Weddings.

Wedding Traditions of Georgia- A Magical Glimpse:

Folks, if you ever dreamt of having your wedding amidst the beauty of Georgia, then this is it. In this section of the article, we will be decoding some of Georgia’s wedding traditions. So, keep reading to explore.

Tamada (Toast Master):

Every wedding has a soul, and in a Georgian wedding, it’s the Tamada. It is one fo the wedding traditions of Georgia, which is primarily a role given to the most charismatic personality. The toastmaster guides the wedding with engaging stories and raises a toast along with a deep understanding of Georgian culture. The role of a toastmaster is of utmost attention as its given to the person who is respected the most at the table. A specially invited person or a relative usually takes the role of a toastmaster.

The role of a toastmaster involves firstly enjoying the authority, secondly carrying out the entire ceremony as per the rules, and thirdly not getting drunk as per the legends. They are not just the speaker; they are the main person responsible for weaving the theme of the event. With a nod to the country’s ancient traditions, Tamada’s role goes beyond the formality. This position is usually given to one who has exceptional oratory skills and deep knowledge of the Georgian culture

Supra (Feast):

Any wedding is incomplete without food. This is one of the most important wedding traditions of Georgia. The supra is more than just a meal. It is the very symbol of a feastful celebration of joy and the auspicious occasion that marks the communal union of two individuals. At the Supra, Georgian hospitality is displayed where there is an array of all the traditional dishes lined up. This grand feast is accompanied by good wine and toasts. The tamada is one who plays a very vital role in the supra and ensures that the environment remains vibrant and jovial. The supra is the feast that manifests the celebration of a Georgian wedding through food, and it holds great significance in a Georgian wedding.

Toasts to the Newly Weds (Khachapuri Tasting):

This is another one of the most fun wedding traditions in Georgia. The Tamada, or the toastmaster, plays a vital role in this ritual. In addition to the toast, a unique twist is added to the ritual which is to incorporate the traditional dish of Georgia Khachapuri. It is a delicious pastry that is filled with cheese, and the guests share the pastry during the wedding toast. The primary aim of this ritual is to symbolize the communal joy and unity regarding the newlyweds

Bride Kidnapping:

Well, you read that right! Bride kidnapping is one of the fun wedding traditions of Georgia. Well, it is also the most romantic ritual, and the term ‘Kidnapping’ is by all means formal and is done with the explicit consent of the parents and the bride. The reason why this decision is made is to avoid the costs that go into hosting a luxurious wedding in Georgia. The reason is that there are many families who cannot afford to have a traditional Georgian wedding as per the ancient customs

The most interesting part about this ritual is that the history of this tradition is rooted in the past. In the past, the bride was literally kidnapped, and the men actually kidnapped the bride regardless of the consent of the parents or the bride. Now, living in this day and age, this practice is followed as a staged performance rather than an actual kidnapping. The modern Georgian Law punishes anyone who is involved in the crime of Kidnapping. Also, promises criminal punishments to a groom if he indulges in such a practice. However, this is one of the fun wedding traditions of Georgia, and it is seen as a romantic mischief. The primary aim of this tradition is to attract the attention of the guests and create a unique atmosphere for the wedding

Crowning Ceremony:

Another very auspicious and fun wedding tradition in Georgia is the crowning ceremony. This ritual is one of the distinctive elements of a typical Georgian Christian wedding. According to this tradition, the couple wears a crown which is known as the “stephanos,”. The crown signifies the role of being a king and queen of their own little kingdom, which is their marriage. The crowns are often interlinked with a ribbon, and this ribbon represents the inseparable union of the couple. This traditional Georgian ritual primarily symbolizes the union of love, commitment, and the divine blessing that is bestowed on the couple.

Alaverdi Toast:

This is one of the most traditional wedding traditions in Georgia. In these traditions, the homage is paid to the traditional winemaking process. It primarily involves the couple drinking wine from a traditional wine-drinking glass known as “qvevri.” The “qvevri” is basically an earthenware vessel that is buried in the ground to signify the deep roots and the cultural significance of the winemaking ceremony in Georgia. This toast ceremony is to signify the hope of a marriage that is rich, enduring, and complex just like the finest toast in Georgia.

Sacrificial Bread Making (Mkhlovani):

This is another fun and very deep-rooted wedding tradition in Georgia. The ceremony basically revolves around breaking a special type of bread which is called “Shotis puri”. The bread is then broken on the heads of the couple to symbolize fertility, prosperity, and sharing of life’s challenges. The tradition is highly rooted in the Georgian agricultural tradition which reflects the wish for a bountiful harvest in the couple’s life together. The bread crumbs are then thrown in all directions, which symbolizes the spread of joy and abundance.

Nicheba, a rite of betrothal:

One of the most important wedding traditions is a Georgian wedding. The main element of this tradition is the presentation of the wedding ring to the bride. The bride’s family invites the groom’s family and sets up a rich table for a celebration of 50 or more people. During this tradition, not only a gold ring is given to the bride but also other things. Including perfumes, expensive wine, cognac, and chocolates. In return for all these gifts, the bride’s family gives the groom a gold chain or bracelet and puts it on during the feast.

Machankloba, matchmaking:

Last but definitely not the least is the matchmaking tradition. It is one of the most important wedding traditions in Georgia. In this tradition, the groom must ask the hand and the heart of the bride’s parents. Without the consent of the parents, the married couple cannot wait to have a happy family life. The tradition usually takes place in the form of dinner.


The wedding traditions that are mentioned above reflect the very rich cultural significance of Georgian weddings. All these wedding traditions of Georgia have their own significance and are done to celebrate the union of love and of the cultural richness of Georgia. The country’s warm hospitality, rich landscapes, and unmatched wedding traditions are what make the Georgian wedding a real celebration. If you are someone who wants to take your vows amidst the picturesque landscape of Georgia, then it’s time for you to have a Georgian wedding that is filled with all the joyous traditions. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help you to get all the information you need.

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