Top 5 Glucose Monitors of 2024

Today, due to highly stressful lifestyles, there are many diseases that engulf us. One such is diabetes. The primary reason is insulin fluctuation, so it is highly important to monitor blood sugar levels to have good control over diabetes. But when you monitor your blood sugar level, it is important to have the best glucose monitor. In this article, we will be listing down some of the best glucose monitors that you can try out for checking blood sugar levels.

Best Glucose Monitor to Consider:

Nutrisense CGM:

This is a glucose monitor that is best for nutritionist support, and its design is curated in such a manner as to help people learn about their blood sugar levels. When you purchase this glucose monitor, the company takes care of the CGM prescription, and it provides you with access to one-on-one support from a nutritionist. If you are looking for the cost of this glucose monitoring device, then let me tell you that it depends on the type of plan you choose. The plans also include free shipping on monthly CGM deliveries, CGMs; you will be getting nutritionist support along with app features and a membership community. It is one of the best CGM devices that you can purchase. Some of the pros and cons of this glucometer are:


  • There is free shipping
  • It handles CGM prescription and delivery
  • It also includes 1 month of nutritionist support


  • The users will not be getting the option of month-to-month plan option
  • The nutritionist cost will be extra after the free month

The Contour Next One:

This is one of the best glucose monitors that you can purchase. It is the best buy for the ones who are newbies to purchasing a glucose monitoring device. The machine is easy to use, accurate, and very affordable. The design of the machine is such that it will be able to read your glucose reading in just 5 seconds. If you see that the first sample is not sufficient, then you can add another sample by adding blood to the test strip to see the reading within 60. Some of the pros and cons of this glucose monitor are:


  • It is very affordable, and you can purchase it for under $20
  • It gets easily connected to the app for easy blood sugar monitoring
  • There are fast and easy-to-read results
  • Its accuracy rate is proven to be within about 8.4% of lab values


  • There are some reviews that the test strips are costly in comparison to other brands

Signos CGM:

This is the best blood sugar monitor when it comes to the subscription plan. The subscription plan for this blood sugar monitor will give you access to CGM along with numerous health-tracking features. In the Signos app, you will be getting personalized nutrition recommendations that suggest what you can eat to manage blood sugar levels. The app also integrates with the Apple watch and it helps you to keep track of sleep, nutrition, and activity all in one single app. Some of the Pros and cons of this glucose monitor are:


  • The app integrates with the Apple Watch
  • You will get personalized nutrition recommendations
  • It has a convenient subscription format


  • It is a bit expensive

FreeStyle Libre:

This is one of the most accurate blood glucose meters which first made its debut in 2017. Just like the other CGMs, this glucose monitor uses interstitial fluids instead of actual blood to monitor blood sugar. This glucose monitor works by wearing the sensor around your upper arm, and there is a flash system that will prompt you to wave a sensor to get glucose readings. Some of the pros and cons are:


  • The glucose monitor allows you to take the reading several times a day, and it is quite helpful
  • There are no fingersticks and no continuous glucose monitoring


  • You might feel irritation on the skin around the sensor
  • You might not get the most consistent readings


Folks, this is another glucose monitor that you can use to monitor blood sugar. If you are in search of a CGM device that is applied at the doctor’s office instead of at home, then this is the one. This glucose monitor measures the interstitial fluids by wearing the machine around your upper arm. However, the key difference is that the sensor will be implanted subcutaneously or under the skin. The diabetes patients can wear it for 90 days at a time. Some of the pros and cons of this glucose monitor are:


  • There are discreet vibration alerts
  • It gives readings in every 5 minutes
  • The glucose monitor can go upto 3 months without changing the sensors


  • There might be inaccurate alerts when it is exposed to direct sunlight
  • Sensor changes will require a doctor’s appointment

Rite Aid TrueMetrix Meter:

If you are looking for a glucose monitor that is budget-friendly, then your search has come to an end. This is the traditional blood sample measuring glucose monitor, which will allow you to produce four reminder alarms. The results of the reading can be processed as quickly as 4 seconds. You will be able to store upto 500 test results on the device. With the machine, you will need to purchase lancets and test strips separately. Some of the Pros and Cons of this glucose monitor are:


    • You will be able to select four programmable test reminders
    • It is a bit less expensive than other glucose monitors
  • Cons:

  • The test strips have to be purchased separately, and they are included
  • You must remember to test the machine throughout the day

Guardian Connect System:

If you are looking for a glucometer that will give you detailed glucose data, then Guardian Connect System glucose monitor is the one. The monitor works by wearing the sensor on your upper arm and the blood sugar levels are monitored by measuring glucose via interstitial fluids. However, the biggest drawback of this glucose monitor is that it is not available for children who are below 14 years of age. You will also be required to change the sensors every 7 days. Some of the pros and cons of this glucose monitor are:


  • It gives readings for every 5 minutes
  • The glucose monitor shows you the blood sugar range patterns throughout the day


  • The glucose monitor is not available for children below 14 years of age
  • It is expensive compared to other glucose monitors
  • You will need to change the sensor frequently

How to Choose the Right Glucose Monitor?

Folks, while choosing the right glucose meter, it is important to consider some factors which can help you make the best choice. We have mentioned above some of the best glucose meters that you can buy to get the most accurate readings. In this section of the article, we will be listing down some of the factors that you can consider to choose the best glucose meter. Some of these factors are:


Look for accessibility features when you are choosing to buy a glucose monitor. Some of the glucose monitors listed above come with hear or feel alarms and are not only read-only alarms

Price and Affordability:

You must check the affordability of the glucose monitor. If you find a cheap alternative with almost the same features, then consider the lower price. This way, you will not compromise on quality and also save some bucks


Some of the glucose monitors come with cases, which makes them easier to carry. Otherwise, most of the glucose monitors are super portable


The glucose monitor that you purchase must be durable enough to stand the test of time, and it has to perform efficiently even after many uses

Special Features:

If you want a glucose monitor that comes with many features, then consider the glucometers that come with Bluetooth connectivity and or have discreet alarms. On the list that we have provided, you will find a variety of features

Insurance Coverage:

This is a great factor to check when you are looking to purchase a glucose monitor. Make sure to check with your insurance carrier to confirm which home glucose meters are covered in full or in part by your policy


Check for reviews when you buy a glucose monitor, as the user reviews will help you to get a better idea about the product and will help you make a better choice


Glucose monitors are essential health instruments that are a crucial part of the life of a diabetic patient. So, when purchasing it, it is better to look at the factors we have listed above. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help you to get all the information you need.

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