The Beast- A Love Story that Transcends Time!

There are many movies based on love stories that are released almost every year. However, what stands out from the rest is a unique story with a unique storyline. The Beast is one such movie, not only a futuristic tale of love that revolves around a love story from the year 2044 but is also one of the most gripping techno-thrillers you can watch. In this article, we will give you a brief review of Netflix’s new release, The Beast. So, keep reading till the end!

The Beast- An Epic Tale of Timeless Love:

If you love watching loving stories but with twists, then The Beast has to be on your movie list. The movie revolves around two central characters, Gabrielle and Louis, who are lovers. They have been lovers since three incarnations and through different timelines. You can see the different timelines in Paris circa 1910, when the city flooded, Los Angeles in the 2010s, and Paris in 2044. The time in which artificial intelligence almost took over the workforce. The Beast is a different yet interesting movie to watch. If you are someone who loves to watch not-so-conventional love stories, then you have to give The Beast a try!

The Beast- Overview:

Folks, in this section of the article, we will be giving a quick overview of the movie. In case you have missed out on the details, you can check out this section:

  • Director-Bertrand Bonello
  • Writers- Bertrand Bonello, Guillaume Bréaud, Benjamin Charbit, Henry James
  • Stars- Léa Seydoux, George MacKay, Guslagie Malanda, Dasha Nekrasova, Martin Scali
  • Rating- Not Rated
  • Running Time- 2h 26m
  • Genres- Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller

The Plot:

The plot is quite simple but is filled with drama and scientific twists. One of the film’s main characters, Gabrielle, is played by Lea Seydoux. She is a young woman in the year 2044. She is an inhabitant of the future, and she is unsure whether she must undergo a process primarily designed to ‘calm’ her emotions. Since she lives in the future, where most of the work is being done by machines, human emotions are understated, and their practice is considered undesirable.

In pursuing this process, the girl is made to live her past lives, which is the perfect input when looking to transcend time. This transverse will let her explore her journey throughout all three time zones, and the most interesting part is the red thread that has tied her to her lover. The plot is quite simple but includes a lot of twists, and it will be a treat for all science lovers!

Now that you have a good understanding of the Plot of The Beast. Head to the next section of the article, as we will reveal more interesting facts about the movie’s story.

The Story- the Game Changer:

The storyline of The Beast is the ultimate game changer of the movie. The story explores Gabrielle and her lover’s life throughout the three incarnations. Taking a romantic turn along with the infusion of science. The audience will get to watch the characters living completely different lives. In 1910, Gabrielle was seen as a Parisian musician who owned a doll factory with her husband. In 2014, Gabrielle is portrayed as a model who moves to Los Angeles and dreams of becoming an actor. However, the most interesting part is that in each of these incarnations, Gabrielle meets Louis, and the two will be inextricably linked in each period

In the movie, the audience will find repetitive visuals, themes, dialogues, and situations meant to reflect on the evolution of the lovers as well as their bond over the timezones and births. However, instead of giving it a boring twist, each repetition brings a unique nuance that contributes to building the image of true and timeless love. The Beast primarily raises the question of how social conceptions of giving and receiving love have changed through the ages. The audience will get to see that in the movie, repression, and modernity are in linear proportion.

The Scenic Features:

In 1910, the scenes are shot against the backdrop of the Great Seine Flood. Gabrielle and Louis are protagonists of dreamlike love, and the main obstacle lies in the external factors against their union. This is peculiar to the society of that time. The storyline of The Beast is shown to be dark in the year 2014, and it approaches the tones of the oneiric drama and psychological thriller. These are inspired by true events, and the connection between Gabrielle and Louis results from the repression, isolation, and restlessness that is haunting the youth of the 21st century. However, the year 2044 is post-modern and dystopian, reflecting the images of technological advances normalized in human society. It shows the minimalist scenario where there is minimal or nothing left for humans.

Love and Fear- The Contrast:

In the movie, the audience will be exploring the contrast between love and fear. The primary reflection of fear will be shown, dragged through lives over the decades. In the first scene, Gabrielle feels that a catastrophe will be taking place, and vexing prevents her from reapproaching her loved one. You will find that the movie is primarily a tale of fear portrayed under the themes of repression and love. Love is timeless, and to obtain it, the protagonists must undergo multiple trials to test their feelings. Overall, the story portrays modernity and traditionalism against the backdrop of a repressed society and an advanced society, respectively.

Is it a Must-Watch? A Short Review:

Well, folks, by now, I am pretty sure you all understand the different dimensions the movie covers. The story and the plot of The Beast primarily reflect on the fear lingering since the age of old and has only advanced into the future, shown through different times. In the movie, the scientific advances and the romance angle are widely covered to reflect on the aftermath of over-advancement, where human society is shaping, and human emotions hold little to no value. Not only that, Bonello’s directions cleverly capture the technical aspects of a film, but they also give a mixed treat to all its viewers. The amalgamation of different genres of melodrama, thriller, and dystopian futurism is perfectly shown while mastering the stylistic devices of the genre cinema.

Bonello also explores dual themes: fear, which is portrayed as the macro theme with the death of love, and the threat of technology, shown through artificial intelligence. Not only does the movie include multiple issues, but it also successfully manages to convey current issues to the audience. These include youth disorientation, the incel and misogynist movement, predetermination and its signs, the figure of the doll, and its relationship with femininity. The Beast is a successful attempt that aims to handle many conflicting and symbolic themes.

If you are looking to watch something different with a strong visual appeal and some deep message, then The Beast is the one for you.


Modernity and technological advances have done more harm than good, which is what the movie is trying to reflect. The Beast explores many themes, with fear being the macro theme. Infusion of romance and science has been cleverly woven to reflect dystopian modernism and society’s repression with time. Hence, if you want to explore some strong themes. And get the message of caution about the future, give The Beast a watch. Overall, it is a great movie to indulge in. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help you to get all the information you need.

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