SASSA R350 Grant Payment Date- A Brief Overview

Folks, in this article, you will get all the details related to all the essential information related to the SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates for 2023 June and July Check. The SASSA, which is the South African Social Security Agency, was founded in 2005 to distribute social grants and Social Security on behalf of the DSD (Department of Social Development). Under the SRD Grand (Social Relief of Distress), eligible people must get R350 payments every month. In this article, we will briefly discuss the SASSA R350 grant payment date.

350 Payment Date:

In a noble venture, the South African Government has initiated the initiative of the SASSA to help people, especially those who are jobless. They do not require any additional form of income or any social grant. Also, the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grants a monthly payment of R350 for the ones who are eligible South Africans confronting financial difficulty.

The authority also activated the link to check the Sassa R350 grant payment date in June. For those waiting to see the Sassa R350 grant payment date for July, let me tell you that the link for July is also expected to be out soon. The citizens who have registered will need their login details like Registered no. and Password to check the status.

How to Check SASSA R350 Grant Payment Date?

In this section of the article, we will briefly discuss how you will be able to check the SASSA srd payment dates. So, keep reading this section of the article carefully.

Note: The agency will upload updates on the beneficiaries’ distribution once the application process has been concluded. We have also made it comfortable for you to check the status of R350. All you need to do is to track the steps below and check the SASSA status for R350.

  • To check the status, you need to visit the leading portal of SRD SASSA
  • Secondly, on the home page, you must go to the “Application Status” button to get a “Check Status” option.
  • Then, you need to press the  “Check Status” option.
  • After that, a login page will be exhibited
  • Then you need to fill in the details, which include your passcode, press submit, registration number
  • After that, your application will be reflected on the screen

Make sure you keep checking the application form and get the newest updates concerning the status of the SASSA R350 grant payment date.

SASSA R350 Grant Payment Date- Payment Collection:

The payment that you will make to SASSA will be received by many methods. However, the most fast and timely way to receive the grant is via bank accounts. The amount of the grant will be automatically credited to your account. The applicants must also provide their bank details during the registration process. In case in the future the applicants want to change their bank account details, then they need to log in to the Main Portal with their login details. This way, they will be able to change their account details.

Now that we have discussed in brief the process by which you can check the SASSA R350 Grant payment status, it is time to look at the payment dates of the SASSA R350 Grant payment dates, which you must know in the months of July and June.

SASSA Payment Dates for 2023:

Folks, I am sure by now you have a good understanding of the process and the initiative that SAASA has implemented. Now, it is time to look at some of the important dates you must remember for the SASSA R350 grant payment date. Before we move to the important dates, let me tell you that The Grant R350 will be credited to the eligible applicant’s account at the beginning of the month.

Here’s a clearer look at the important dates for the months of June and July.

Senior Citizens 02 June 2023 03 July 2023
Disabled People 05 June 2023 04 July 2023
Children 06 June 2023 05 July 2023

Folks, you must keep in mind that the above-delivered dates are the tentative dates for the grant distribution. Applicants will be eligible to check the respective dates from the Official login portal. We will also keep you updated related to the payment Dates.

SASSA Helpdesk- SASSA R350 Grant Payment Date:

If you want to contact SASSA, then check this section of the article:

Toll-free Contact No. – 0800-60-10-11

Head Office No. – 012-400-2322

Email –[email protected]

Most Asked Questions:

Here are some of the most asked questions about the SASSA payment date.

What is the meaning of “Period Declined”?

Period Declined means that the application was declined for a particular period and the explanation of why it was declined. Now, you will need to raise a reconsideration request.

What is SASSA?

SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) is an initiative for helping people who are jobless and who do not acquire any additional income or social grant.

What does “Bank Details Pending” mean?

This means the application was submitted without the bank details. Applicants must now visit the SRD SASSA Portal and provide their bank details to receive the grant.


SASSA R350 grant payment date is an important date that the eligible citizens for the SASSA initiative must remember. In this article, we have briefly discussed the SASSA initiative and have also discussed the important dates in the months of June and July that the eligible candidates must keep in mind. We have also discussed some of the commonly and most asked questions about SASSA. That’s all, folks; I hope the article helped you in getting all the information you needed.

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