Santa Cruz Tide Pool- Explore 5 Best Spots in California

If you are in the US, you must explore some of the best Santa Cruz tide pools. There are mesmerizing arrays of sea creatures in the tide pools of Santa Cruz, where they live and thrive daily. So, in this blog, we will be discussing the top 5 Santa Cruz tide pools.

Top 5 Tide Pools Santa Cruz, CA:

In this section of the article, we will be discussing some of the best Santa Cruz tide pools that you must explore if you are in California.

Natural Bridge State Beach:

This place is an absolute gem, which is situated along West Cliff Drive. This Santa Cruz tide is very kid-friendly, giving them the golden chance of having a glimpse of sea life beneath the sea. It is also one of the best places for tide pooling. If you visit this Santa Cruz tide pool during the King Tide, then you will have the best time here. You must visit the west side of the breach.

This Santa Cruz tide pool also teems with thousands of creatures and species striving to survive in an ever-changing environment. You can also expect to spot shore crabs, hermit crabs, periwinkle snails, mussels, sea stars, sea anemones, and many colorful creatures. You will surely have a wonderful time here.

Here are some of the Tips and Notes that you must keep in mind:


  • You can bring your family to see migrating monarch butterflies during the fall and winter seasons. But make sure you’re getting your binoculars.
  • To reach the best tide pooling spot in Natural Bridge State Beach, you can follow the shoreline and then take a right to walk to the small cliffs. You’ll spot the tide pools.


  • Visitors arriving within the first 20 minutes after the beach opens can enjoy complimentary parking.
  • Natural Bridge State Beach Tide Pools is safeguarded by legal protection as part of a Marine Protected Area. Do not dare to bring your dog or pets

The Hook:

This is another Santa Cruz Tide pool that you can visit if you are in California. It is situated along the East Cliff Drive on the east side of Santa Cruz. It is the famous surfing spot of California and is also one of the best tide pools in Santa Cruz. There are tide pools near Monterey, as in the past it is seen that locals and visitors alike gathered along the Cliff side fence looking at the magnetic allure of Monterey Bay, not understanding that they are missing this gem of a place!

Well, lucky are the people who come down to the low tide spot from where the view of cerulean water dancing with the gentle rhythm of rolling water seems mesmerizing. Against this majestic backdrop, you’ll also be happy to watch the symbiotic harmony between mother nature and organisms living in the pools, such as hermit crabs and green algae.

Sunny Coves:

If you love embracing tranquility, then this is the place for you. This location offers an intimidating and cherished experience. The water here is so calm that you will feel like it is calling you to dip your toes into it. Pretty mesmerizing this place is. It is a small place in the Pleasure Point area where I’ve heard swimming, body surfing, boogie boarding, and tide pooling are ideal. This place is a paradise for those looking for tranquility and calmness.

The Pleasure Point:

This is another great Santa Cruz tide pool spot. You can Stroll along the beach, enjoy the ocean and the softness of the sand, the sight of surfers riding the waves, and drown in the calmness of the ocean. The tide pools here are great. It is situated on the north of Monterey Bay, renowned as the best surf location in the world, and it is also one of the best Santa Cruz tide pools to spot wildlife and marine life.

Travelers are well aware of the beautiful cliffs and the beach, but a lot do not know that during the King tide, they can also enjoy tide pooling.

You can spot many creatures, from sea stars, octopuses, kelp crabs, starfish, sea anemones, and nudibranchs in varied colors to sea dragons and so many others. You can spot everything here. Isn’t It wholesome!

Here is a tip that you must keep in mind:


  • Take the staircase at 36th Avenue and 38th Avenue for easy access to the pool. The beach is flat, so it’s kid and family-friendly

Davenport Landing Beach:

This place is an absolutely stunning place to do a photoshoot. If you love traveling and clicking pictures, you must visit this Santa Cruz tide pool. The beach is situated .6 miles north of Davenport on Davenport Landing Road. You can also walk for 10 minutes from Shark Fin Cove to reach these clean beaches of California.

After you reach the shore, you can take a left and walk to the small outflow stream and the abalone farm. A lot of locals also called it Davenport Pier.

Here are some of the Tips and Notes that you must keep in mind:


  • The exact location of tide pooling is south of Ano Nuevo, which is one mile north of Davenport town, just off the Highway one
  • Scott Creek which is 6 minutes’ walk from Davenport Landing Beach, you can go for pooling for checking out – Cladophora, a mossy algae, hydroid Eudendrium, peanut worms, and octopuses. The place is equally pretty
  • The beach has only limited free parking spots
  • If you’re planning to hunt sea glass, then Davenport Beach is the best spot


  • In case you do not know, Davenport Landing Beach is one of the best dog-friendly beaches in Santa Cruz


These are some of the best Santa Cruz tide pool spots in California that you must visit at least once. In this article, we have briefly discussed some of the best Santa Cruz tide pool spots and have provided brief information regarding these places. That’s all, folks. I hope the article helped you in getting all the information you needed.


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