Safely Scan QR Codes while Traveling With Safety Measures!

All the travel enthusiasts assemble! If you also like hassle-free travel just like us, then you must like paying using QR codes. Isn’t it? Well, all you need to do is Safely Scan QR Codes while Traveling, and Voila! You can now pay the amount. It is this simple! However, it is important to know which QR code to scan and whether it is safe or not. So, in this article, we will be discussing everything that you need to know about safely scanning QR codes. Read the entire article to know more!

How do you Ensure QR Code Security for your  Business?

Folks, before we give you the ways that will help you to ensure whether the QR code that you are scanning is safe or not? Let us first have a look at the ways by which you can ensure that the QR code security is safe for a business or not. The full QR codes are Quick Response codes. These are basically black and white square configuration barcodes that have barcodes inside and they can be scanned by using mobile cameras. After you scan, you will be redirected to a payment gateway or a website where you can make the payment.

These QR codes have become immensely popular and are quite versatile. You can see them on delivery tracking systems, billboard advertisement systems, payment processes, along with many other places. The reason is that they make tracking and payment easier. Not only are they versatile, but they are super convenient to find as they can be printed on plastic, paper, and metal and can be scanned from different angles. You can also scan them at different distances to scan them to make payments. 

Now that you all have a good idea about QR codes let us have a look at the ways by which you can install the security and confidence of users in QR codes for business.

Safety Tips to Scan QR Codes for Your Business:

  • The first and foremost thing is that if you own a business and you want to use a QR code, then make sure that the QR code is SSL-certified. This means that the users are safe while they are scanning your QR code and also prevents attackers from creating fake versions of your QR code
  • Make sure to develop your own QR code, which has its own unique attributes like color, brand logo, and custom borders, among others. The QR code should bring out the brand identity and must make sure that the QR code is directly connected to the website landing page
  • Make sure to install password protection while you are exchanging confidential information such as bank details, documents as well as personal information
  • If you want extra security, make sure to partner with a reputed Data Privacy Company that has General Data Protection Regulation laws and also ensures data privacy. The reason is that a secure QR code generator ensures enterprise-level security data protection along with data encryption.
  • Also, make sure to check that the data security provider must be SOC-2 Type-2 and SOC-2 Type 1 certified. It means that the data shared are secure and safe, and these certifications comply with this fact of safety and protection

Now that you all have a good idea about QR codes and the way to ensure security while scanning them, In the next section of the article, we will be dealing with the most awaited section of this article. So, head to the next section now!

How do You Safely scan QR Codes while Traveling?

Folks, I know you all have been eagerly waiting to know about the ways by which you can ensure security and safety while scanning QR Codes. So, read this section of the article carefully.

When the pandemic hit the country, it was a necessity to make social disatne. Hence, to have a hygienic and noncontact method of payment, restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets have started QR codes to revolutionize the way to make payments. It is a very hygienic and quick way to make payments.

However, as convenient as it is, there are high chances of manipulation with the QR codes. The hackers have come up with ways to duplicate the original QR code and replace it. This way, the customers will be taken to a fake website that can lead to the theft of their money and data. So, how do we safeguard against it? Keep reading as we reveal some of the ways.

Here are Some of the Ways to Safely Scan QR Codes while Traveling:

  • Make sure to be safe while logging in. Never put your personal data or financial information on a website that looks weird and does not look genuine. Usually, the restaurants have their own name in the QR codes without attachments, which looks suspicious. However, be careful before you click on it
  • Always use QR codes while you are physically present, and never use them when sent via email. Even if it is sent by the people you know, you might not know whether the account is hacked or you are trying to be fooled. Always visit the website to make the payment on the website itself for a secure way of payment
  • You will never require any third-party apps to make payments by scanning QR codes. These days, all iPhones and Android phones are equipped with scan features with camera apps. Hence, you do not need to download any third-party app.
  • You can use Google’s image recognition technology for scanning as well. QR code scanning has become much easier and accessible to users with many features in the device capabilities as well as travel apps.

Other Safety Measures: 

  • Always look at the QR code carefully before you blindly scan it. The QR code has to be clearly visible, and if you see it to be unclear, then there is a high chance of it being dubious and containing suspicious codes. The QR code must reflect the logo properly. If it isn’t there, then there are chances of it being suspicious. Make sure to check whether the brand color or the side is stuck, or call the owner to make the payment directly to him.
  • Always remember to never download an app with a QR code, as it is a criminal tactic to steal money. Once you have downloaded the app, malware will be installed in your phone, which can then access all your information along with other personal and financial information. So, it is important not to download any app through a QR code.

Folks, make sure to check these key points while you are scanning a QR Code while traveling. These tips will help you to safely scan QR codes while traveling. In the next section of the article, we will be telling you about the potential risks of scanning QR codes in restaurants and Hotels. So, head to the next section now!

Potential Risks of Scanning QR Codes in Restaurants and Hotels:

The main risk of scanning QR codes is hacking. The hackers will hack to exploit you or use your information to sell at high prices on the dark web. Here are some of the common ways that hackers use to exploit hotels and restaurants:

  • Businesses these days stick QR codes on their products to encourage customers to know more about the product and also give feedback to improve customer experience. The hackers utilize this opportunity to hack by using phishing email techniques to trick the customers into fake websites that are designed to steal personal data
  • It is very easy for hackers to tamper with the Wi-fi hotspots as well as QR code menus. The hackers create fake QR Codes and stick them in public places, and once you connect to them, they will have access to all your information. Make sure not to fall prey to these tactics.

Folks, these are some of the ways the hackers use to make sure that they fool the users. Through these techniques, they get hold of the confidential information of the users and then try to exploit them. Hence, it is very important to think and trust your gut instincts before you scan a QR code


If you are someone who often scans QR codes to pay, then make sure to read the ways to be safe, which we have mentioned in this article, to ensure safety while you scan any QR code. Especially while traveling. So, keep those points in mind to safely scan the QR codes while traveling. These tips will help you to be safe from potential hacking and falling prey to phishing as well. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help to get all the information that you need. 

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