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OnePlus 12R: Flagship Phone Now Comes in Affordable Price!

If you are looking to do a smartphone upgrade then its time you switch to the all new OnePlus 12R. With just being releases, it has given a serious competition to other smart phones such as the Samsung Galaxy A54 and Google Pixel 7A. Want to know more about the OnePlus 12R? If yes, then read this article completely to decode everything about the new smartphone in the market.

OnePlus 12R| A Brief Overview:

Folks, in this section of the article, we will discuss the OnePlus 12R and give you a general overview of the smartphone. When you look at the OnePlus 12R, it all starts with the look that you give to the screen. The OnePlus 12R comes with a  6.78-inch display. It is pretty big compared to the Google Pixel 7A. It has got a  6.4-inch Galaxy A54 screen. Not only that, but the resolution is slightly higher than the normal 1080p. It will feel like just enough pixels for you to cover a massive display. Not only that, you will also get a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz.

Also, it uses a technology which is called low-temperature polycrystalline oxide, or LTPO. There will be a downshift all the way to the IHz. Also, if you are someone who has an avid understanding of the flagship phones, then let me tell you that the LTPO panels are much more common in the flagship phones, and they offer a truly variable refresh rate. This saves a lot of battery life.

Other Specifications:

When we talk about the brightness, the users will be getting a decent brightness of about 4,500 nits. This is one of the most eye gearing brightness as most of the phones screens top out between 1,000 and 2,000 nits. Not only that, the brightness increases in direct sunlight too. Also, when you buy a budget phone, it is extremely important to look at the quality of it and OnePlus 12R comes with a great brightness even in such a budget.

When we talk about the Chipset. You will find that the OnePlus 12R comes with the chipset of last year’s flagship, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, along with 8 or 16GB of RAM. Not only that, you will be able to take some of the best rapid-fire portrait shots, which you will definitely love. When you look at this strategy, using last year’s chip is a great move. It is just like buying a high-end coat in an end-of-season sale.  Although not late, you will definitely be satisfied with the outcome.

Now that you all have got a good understanding of the OnePlus 12R. Head to the next section of the article to explore in detail the OnePlus 12R specifications.

Specifications of OnePlus 12R:

Folks, in this section of the article we will be listing down in brief the specifics of the OnePlus 12R. Keep reading to know more:

Alert Slider:

If you have used any one of the OnePlus phones earlier, then let me tell you that it is a classic OnePlus 12R thing to include their three stage mute switch. It is a very handy way of turning up the volume for you to watch TikTok and tehn turn it off quickly.  If you love curvy edges then the phone will not cause you any problem, however, if you are fan of slim design phones then you will have a good time with the OnePlus 12R.

There is no wireless charging, and the phone offers fast wired charging. You will be getting the benefit of upto 80W for the US version. Wireless charging is not very common in budget phones. However, you will find it on the Pixel 7A.  Not only that in the OnePlus 12R, you will be finding the company’s take on Android 14, OxygenOS 14. As per the company’s claims, the OnePlus 12R will be getting three years of OS upgrades as well as four years of security support. Although not very class-leading but good for a long time hold.

Design and Software:

When it comes to the design and software of the OnePlus 12R. You will find that in the OnePlus 12R, you will be getting a sturdy aluminium frame which comes in budget, and composite plastic is pretty common. The back panel is glass, and the front panel is of Gorilla Glass Victus 2. However, one bummer is that the OnePlus 12R comes with a P64 rating. You will find that although it is totally dustproof, it comes with resistance to water spray and the splashes

You will find that both the smartphones of  Pixel 7A and Galaxy A54 come with an IP67 rating, and also you will find that they are built to withstand brief water immersion. However, overall, the design and the software of the OnePlus 12R feel like a high-end phone, and you will definitely get to have a good phone at this budget

Camera and Image Quality:

One of the most important things today when we set out to buy a phone is the camera and the image quality. You will find that the camera quality of the OnePlus 12R takes some really nice pictures. The stabilized 50-megapixel camera’s standard will be 1x shooting mode. You will find that the pictures will be coming out really well with detailed and nice images. Not only that, but the pictures will also reflect the rich colors. You will find that on the 2x setting, it is surprisingly capable of going on to do not just the digital zoom but also lossless crop zoom

If you want to capture some shots that require fast movements, then the OnePlus 12R might be the one for you. With great shutter speed, you will find that the phone will be capturing some great moments and you will be wondering about the amazing picture quality. Definitely a great camera in this budget. You will also find the OnePlus 12R to be over the skies with the 5x zoom settings. Not only that you will be getting a lot of good pictures in the plentiful outdoor light. The photos will be looking like a smeary mess of up-rezzed digital zoom processing.

Other Camera Features:

You will find the portrait mode to be surprisingly capable of clicking some great shots. OnePlus will be limiting you to the  1x zoom setting here. Not only that, you will be finding a two-megapixel macro camera which is included for rounding out the number of lenses on the rear camera bump. If you are looking to do some video recording, then let me tell you that the video recording feature is also fine for casual clips. You will find the video clips to be at 080/30p, which is the default, but you can bump that up to 4K/30p without a noticeable crop.

Performance of OnePLus 12R:

If you are someone who is looking to buy a phone that is high in performance then OnePlus 12R is the one. This is especially true when you are looking for a phone that is price-to-performance; the OnePlus 12R is the one. You will find the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC makes everything smooth on the phone. Also, If you are looking to play games, then the OnePlus 12R is a great one when it comes to gaming. The gaming experience will be impeccable with this phone, and the graphics will also be pretty great. Not only that, you will find that on the OnePlus 12R, there are excellent frame rates. However, it only gets slightly warm after a 40 minute long session of BGMI. Not only that, the OnePlus 12R also offers great touch sensitivity and will definitely earn you some great gaming brownies.


Overall, the OnePlus 12R is a great phone that you can get on a budget, and if you are looking to have a smartphone that comes with many features at a budget, then the OnePlus 12R is the one for you. From the design to the software to the camera and look, it is the one that excels. So, if you are looking for a phone that has all the capabilities of a high-tech phone on a budget, then you know the name. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help you to get all the information you need.

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