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YouTube is the most active social media platform. Today, for every little thing, we go to YouTube. From learning a recipe to mastering a skill YouTube has got it all. But the people who make these videos deserve the credit for their content, isn’t it? But becoming a YouTuber isn’t an easy task. So, how do you make a YouTube video that will add value to your journey? To know that, you need to read this article till the end.

How to Make a YouTube Video?

Folks, if you want to make your own YouTube video or are planning to start your YouTube journey, check out this section of the article carefully.

Do A Comprehensive Research on Your Topic:

The first and foremost step to making a YouTube video is to do comprehensive research on your topic. YouTube is not only a social media platform loaded with videos, but you will find a lot of content that will help you gain insights about the topic on which you plan to create content. You can surf about 5 to 10 videos on YouTube to gain enough insights about your topic, which will help you to make a YouTube video. Make sure to look for the duration of the video, the title and thumbnail, the video structures and the style of the video that is employed, as well as the type of video that will gain views on the social media platform

Once you look at these aspects of a YouTube video, you will be able to gain a good amount of insights on how to present your YouTube video.

Make Sure to do A Keyword Research:

This is the next step when you are looking to make a YouTube video. When you search for the perfect keywords, they will make sure that the viewers get to see your YouTube video. You can find on the search bar of YouTube the topics that are trending, and you will also be able to get a good idea about the topics that interest people. This is how you start your SEO tactics, and to make your YouTube video look shiny and bright, you need to use the right set of keywords. Once you use the right set of keywords, it will help people search your YouTube video by typing that keyword on the YouTube search bar. This way, the video will reach the viewers right away. You can use an asterisk to replace any word in the search bar.

Once you get your keywords, make sure to use them in your description as well. You can also include them on your tags, title, and thumbnail. This will tell Google and YouTube what your YouTube video is all about. You can use the following keyword tools to search for the right keyword to make a YouTube video:

  •  Google Search Bar (for Video Carousel)
  • Google Trends
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • YouTube Search Bar

To Write Attractive Titles and Custom Thumbnails:

This is the next and very important step to make a Youtube video. Once you write an attractive title, it will help the viewers to get attracted to your video, and a catch thumbnail will help the viewers to click on your video to watch it. Hence, you can consider the title and thumbnail as the dynamic duo, which the viewers see first and once you have got a great dynamic duo on your YouTube video. It will prompt the audience to view your content. You can consider the video titles as your first greeting to your audience.

A suitable video title will help the audience get a quick insight into the content of the video. To know more about the way you write content, you can check the video titles that Pewdiepie writes. Make sure to be truthful and keep your video title short and sweet. Also, make sure to match the title with the interest of the audience. When you keep these little tips, you will be able to crack an attractive title for your YouTube video

When it comes to the thumbnail, make sure to use clear images which can attract the audience. You can put a friendly face on it to make a connection, and you can also add a touch of curiosity to keep the audience excited about what is in store once they watch your YouTube video

Getting the Right Equipment:

This is another important step when you are looking to make a video. When you are planning to start your YouTube journey, using the fanciest equipment will give you the impression of making the right video. However, the truth is when you use fancy equipment, they certainly make your videos look amazing but are quite tricky to handle. Some of the equipment requires a lot of time, and if you are just starting with your youtube journey, then you need not stress.

All you have to focus on is creating great content before you shift your focus to using the equipment pool. Well, there are many amazing YouTube videos that are made using the simplest equipment, such as a smartphone. They are edited using the most simple video editor. All you need to do is to combine the video with a sparkle of your creativity and you are good to go.

Always make sure to produce the right content that reflects your creative work rather than focusing on using fancy equipment.

Setting up the Stage:

Setting the stage simply means having a good framework as to how you are planning to make a YouTube video. Make sure to curate a plan, such as making a script as well as planning your shoots. Once you have made a script and got the idea as to the plan of shooting your YouTube video, you will then need to choose the right shooting spots and the props that you want to use. Make sure to have a clutter-free background to have a clear focus on the object that you are shooting.

After that, you need to make sure to capture from the best angles followed by lighting up the scene. If fairy lights are added to your YouTube video, then you can use them, and if natural lighting works fine for your YouTube video, then you can add them as well. It all depends upon your creativity and the way it is reflected in the process of how you make a YouTube video

Giving Time to Record Your YouTube Video:

This is another important step to follow when you are making a video. Even though you are making mistakes, make sure to keep recording the video. You can fix the errors once you start editing. Hence, there is no need to worry about it. Then, make sure to own your expertise and let your creativity flow. Once both these steps culminate, there is a good video that will be waiting for you to put up on Youtube


One of the most important steps to consider rightly when you make a video is to employ the right editing techniques. Make sure to choose the editing software that suits you and is comfortable to work with. Once you choose the right software for yourself to work with, then you need to employ the right editing techniques, including the basics such as cutting, trimming, and adding titles. Then, make sure to make your video look creative by adding transitions and effects, along with soundtracks, the right title and overlays, and finally, exporting your art.  Once you have put all these together, your video is good to go.

Upload it on YouTube:

Once you are satisfied with the way you have made your video and the way you have edited it. Then, your YouTube video is good to be uploaded on YouTube. Before you upload, make sure to give it a final check in terms of all the details employed in editing. While making the YouTube video or presenting it in front of the audience on YouTube. So, make to look for these things when you are looking to upload any YouTube video on Youtube


Folks, these are some of the steps that you can follow to make an amazing video. These steps will not only give you a framework to make a YouTube video but will also help you to get clarity on how you can make a killer YouTube video. Make sure to keep your creativity flowing and also record it in a way that will reflect the content as well as the creative elements that you have added to the video. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help you to get all the information you need.

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