Instagram Post Ideas to Garner More Likes on Insta!

If you love Instagram and, more so, posting on Instagram, then in this article, we will be sharing with you all some of the coolest Instagram post ideas. These ideas will definitely fetch you more likes and will make your Instagram feed look more aesthetic and interesting. Sharing a post is not enough, but how you share a picture on Instagram is the game. So, let us have a look at some of the Instagram post ideas that you can try out.

Instagram Post Ideas:

Folks, in this section of the article, we will be sharing some of the Instagram post ideas that you can easily follow to get more likes on insta. So, without any more delay, let us have a look at them:

Motivating Your Followers with a Quote:

Well, who doesn’t like a dose of inspiration? To make your feed look more positive, consider using posts with inspirational quotes. The world is full of negativity, and motivational quotes are like a ray of sunshine. So, make sure to use quotes that are inspirational. Also, when you are posting, make sure to check for pictures which has vibrant colors and cool designs. This way, your feed is more colorful and bright. You can use design tools such as canva to make use of some of the cool designs. Also, do not forget to give credit to the person who has given the quote.


Followers love to know the stories that are off-camera. Hence, many brands like to post a behind-the-scenes sneak peek, which will give them the narrative of the brand in an unfiltered manner. Another fun thing about behind-the-scenes is that the content can be casual. They are not only fun and engaging but also super cool to look at. Consider sharing some unfiltered moments with your followers

Giveaways and Contest:

Content and giveaways are a great way to engage followers on Instagram. They are a way you can engage with your followers, and contest always gets the followers buzzing. Not only does the contest create social proof, but also helps in getting more engagement from the audience on Instagram as well

Product Displays:

Well, today, Instagram is not only a place to post pictures with your friends, but it has become a hot spot for shopping as well. People are rapidly switching to Instagram for shopping, and not only that, there are many new products to discover as well. Hence, Instagram has become a great place to do social media marketing, and brands are switching to Instagram for marketing their products as well as attracting new clients and increasing sales. Product displays are always a hit when it comes to gaining audience attention on instgram.

Sharing Memes:

A laughter attack will not harm anyone. We are living in the era of memes, and when you share memes on your insta feed, you give the followers a chance to get the lighter side of yours as well. Most of the brand strategies include sharing posts that are humourous and always get the attraction of the followers. Memes can serve as a great way to reveal your genuine personality as well as connect with people more heartfully. You can check out some of the brands on Instagram and look at how meticulously they have crafted memes on Instagram and shared them. Memes are a great way to show creativity infused with humor.

User Generated Content:

User-generated content is a great way of staying connected with your Instagram community. When you post some user-generated content, it reflects the effort of creating a personal attachment with the brand. You can check out the different brands on Instagram and the way they generate user-generated content on their Instagram feed. This user-generated content works like magic. They not only attract the audience but are also is great way to increase the followers on Instagram

Pop Quizzes and Puzzles:

When you share some of these pop quizzes and puzzles, they get the followers excited as well as hooked to your Instagram post. BY posting quizzes and puzzles, you can jazz up your Instagram game to another level and also have more audience engagement. This is a tried and tested method to generate more followers on Instagram. Quizzes are your best buddies, and when you throw a question at your followers, they are more likely to answer it, and this engages your audience more than usual with your Instagram post. They primarily grab the audience’s attention and encourage them to share their thoughts.

Throwback Posts:

Throwback posts are a great way to share some of the past moments with your followers. They not only make you remember the time gone but also give you joy to stay in the present moment. Most of the brands share throwback posts that show the business’s journey since its inception. When you add relevant hashtags such as #vintage love, your brand loves it. So, make sure to post some throwback pictures now and then to celebrate the journey of the brand.

Replying to Questions:

This is a very good way of interacting with your audience and is one of the great Instagram post ideas that you can come across. You can also post a question-and-answer session and give personalized and individual answers to your followers. This way, the followers will be having a more personalized experience with the brand. Words always do justice to a question, and you will be getting a lot of real-time connection with the followers as well.

Using Illustrations:

Another one of the most effective Instagram post ideas is to use illustrations. When you use illustrations, you are more likely to make complex topics easier for people to understand. This way, your followers will be able to connect with your brand more. Illustrations are not only engaging and will keep your audience hooked but will also let the audience get a more personalized idea about your brand. You can get creative with your brand and showcase some cool illustrations to attract followers. You can attach illustrations in many things, such as a step-by-step guide or a ‘how-to’ tutorial. They always give that extra boost and enthusiasm to the post.

Recommending your Favourite App:

Make sure to engage with your followers. You can recommend your favorite apps to them and tell them how it is impacting the brand or yourself. Go ahead and take a screenshot and share it on Instagram. Also, encourage the followers to share their thoughts if they have tried the app and make them more comfortable in engaging in a conversation. After all, the whole point of sharing Instagram posts is to encourage your followers to engage in a conversation.

Tips and Tricks:

This is one of the game changer Instagram post ideas that you can share on Instagram. If you do not want to make your feed mundane with only the regular product posts, then post some tips and tricks. It’s all about letting your creative side out on the platform and thinking outside the box. You must have seen those Instagram posts where there is DIY content that has gained thousands of followers. These posts are a great way to gain the attention of the audience. After all we all love some tips and tricks occasionally, isn’t it?

Caption This:

This is one of the coolest Instagram post ideas to try out. You can post a product of your brand and ask your followers to caption the picture. This way, they will get the engagement as well as the creativity to suggest some creative captions for your brand. You can try pinning the most suitable captions in the comments section. This kind of post-burst engagement magic can spice up your feed in no time. So, make sure to try out this amazing Instagram post idea.

Documenting an Event:

You can also try documenting an event and posting it on Instagram. This is also one of the most engaging Instagram post ideas that you can try out. You can share the excitement and the anticipation that the event has created, along with the buzz of the audience. It is a very good way of demonstrating your level of involvement, and you can easily generate good hype around your business.


Folks, these are some of the most engaging Instagram post ideas that you can try out for your brand to build the Instagram community. These ideas will not only create engagement but will also generate a lot of followers. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help you to get all the information you need.

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