Imginn- Quick Review of The Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

There are times when we want to look at someone’s story on Instagram but don’t want to be noticed. Other times, we want to download someone’s Instagram story. I am pretty sure we have all encountered such instances, so for those times, Imginn is there at your rescue. You can view the story anonymously and download it, too. Want to know more about Imginn? Read on to discover more!

What is Imginn?

For the ones who are new to this word, let me give you a quick brief about it. Imginn is a popular website that you can use for browsing, downloading, and accessing any content from Instagram public views using the Public Instagram API. There are many users visiting the site every day, and the coolest feature about Imginn is that you will not need to provide any of your private information there. Hence ensuring the safety of the users.

But there are certain things that you must know about Imginn; when you are on the site, you will not be allowed to post or like anything on Instagram for other users. Not only the website but also the app do not include such a feature. No wonder Imginn is also one of the most popular anonymous profile viewer sites that you will come across. There are many dynamic features that are imbibed in the website but there are certain limitations too. However, it is quite easy to use the Imginn site. To know more, head to the next section of the article as we explain in brief the process of using Imginn.

The Process to Use Imginn?

If you want to see anybody else’s profile anonymously and want to download their Instagram story but do not know how? Then, read this section of the article as we tell you the process of using Imginn.

  • Firstly, you need to start by visiting any browser, or you can start by visiting Google
  • Then, you need to type Imginn in the search box
  • Once you land on the homepage, you need to type the name of the individual or the username you would like to view

Wasn’t that super easy? Follow these simple steps to see someone’s profile anonymously. You can do other things as well, such as copying the profile, bio, tags, descriptions, etc. And the greatest feature is viewing someone’s profile anonymously.

Now that you all have got a good idea about the Imginn website, now it’s time to give a quick review about the Imginn website. So, head to the next section of the article to know more.

Is Imginn Worth it?

Imginn has no doubt gained popularity because of its dynamic features. However, it was found that Imginn was unsafe and suspicious. The website is still available in cyberspace but lacks much information. It has been ranked by Scamdetector  21.8 and is not recommended at all. Also, the owner’s identity is unknown and not disclosed to the public. However, you can still view someone’s Instagram story anonymously from other alternatives of Imginn. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the next section of the article, where we tell you some of Imginn’s alternatives.

Top 4 Alternatives of Imginn:

Want to view someone’s Instagram profile anonymously but don’t want to use Imginn? Do not worry as we bring you some of the top used alternatives for Imginn. Keep reading to know more.


This is one of the best and top-rated alternatives of Imginn, which you can use to access and view videos, photos, and stories. You can use this app for free to view someone’s Instagram profile. On the other hand, you can surf the site and see that it is super easy to use and also very fast. All you need is the username of the individual in order to view their account on Instagram anonymously.

Qoob Stories:

If you have heard about Imginn, then you definitely must have heard about the Qoob stories. This is one of the most recommended sites to view someone’s Instagram story anonymously. Also, it was featured on Instagram Content Downloaders in 2022. Here, on this website, you can view someone’s profile on Instagram, either of a private or public account. You can use the website for free, and here, also you need the username of the individual for their Instagram profile anonymously. Not only this, if you want to download any video or photo from their profile, then you can do that as well. Seems easy, right? Well, it indeed is.


Another most recommended app which you must know as an alterative for Imginn is Glassagram. Here, you will find improved online spyware on the digital market. Well, you can use the basic features on this website for free if you are a one-time user. Some of the coolest features of this app are that you will able to find out the GPS location, monitor Instagram video, and interact with content tracking. You can also direct message and watch hidden Instagram stories. All these are in one app. Definitely has to be one of the most used and most recommended apps for viewing someone’s Instagram story anonymously.


Another great alternative for Imginn is the SmiHub. Not only can you view someone’s Instagram profile anonymously, but you can also download videos and photos from their accounts. One of the best features of this app is that you can use it for free, and you do not have to spend a penny to access the app’s features. Not only can you view someone’s Instagram profile privately, but you can also like, comment, and increase your followers all at once. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Use the app to know it for yourself. You can do many things on SmiHub apart from viewing someone’s Instagram story privately.

Head to the next section of the article as we discuss some of the pros and cons of Imginn.

Pros and Cons of Imginn:

Folks, we have briefly given you a review about Imginn; however, if you want to get more clarity about the authenticity of the website, then read this section carefully as we list out some of the pros and cons of Imginn.


  • You do not have to download it, as it is a web-based platform
  • It is pretty simple to use
  • The website is loaded with a number of features, and you will love exploring them here


  • The website has a very low security score
  • The platform has not gotten good reviews on genuine platforms for review
  • At times, the Imginn platform does not work
  • There are many domains for Imginn, and most of the domains do not work
  • You will be bombarded with advertisements on Imginn websites; this can be annoying and distracting


Imginn is a good site if you are looking to view someone’s Instagram profile anonymously or download photos or videos. However, there are not-so-good reviews about the platform, and it is better to stick to Imginn’s alternatives. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help you to get all the information you need.

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