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Listening isn’t a very underrated quality, and if you have this quality, it’s time you thank your stars. If you are someone who loves listening to stories, whether told by friends or on podcasts, then you must put this talent of yours to earn some bucks; what’s say? Well, we are serious. You can use your talent of learning online to earn a good amount of money in many profitable ways. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best possible ways by which you can get paid to be an online listener. So, keep reading the article to know more!

Listen and Earn in These Beneficial Ways:

In this section of the article, we will discuss some of the best possible ways to make money online. So, are you ready to get paid to be an online listener? If yes? Let’s dig in!

Online Moderator:

In our list of get paid to be an online listener, the first earning option that we have is to be an online moderator. This is a pretty interesting job, and today, moderators are required everywhere. You can be a moderator for social media platforms, and your job role will include you to regulate and maintain the online community. You must be thinking about how is listening involved in this job. Let me tell you that there are many social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Discord, and YouTube. All these video-sharing platforms require moderators to listen to the video content put up on the platform. They can also remove any video if it goes against the community guidelines. You can make a decent amount of money while being an online moderator.

Call Reviewer:

This is another job that is quite popular, where you can get paid to be an online listener. Companies usually hire call reviewers to listen to the call recordings and review them according to the quality standards. This practice helps companies improve their sales performance as well as customer experience. The most amazing part about this particular job is that you will not be needed to have a conversation and will be paid based on the length of the calls. It seems like a perfect job for someone who loves listening but not indulging in talking! It’s a pretty good job, and you will be paid well, depending on your performance.

Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistants are very much in demand now. This job is perfect for you if you love solving problems while being an active listener. Businesses hire virtual assistants who are equipped to provide them with administrative as well as general services. These services would help them grow. As we told earlier, if you are an active listener, then you definitely are made for this job as active listening is the prerequisite of this job, and paying attention to details as well. This job role will require you to communicate with clients, businesses, and vendors and be actively involved in solving their administrative and general problems. Overall, this is a great job role in which you will get paid to be an online listener.

Crisis Hotline Operator:

Well, this job is best for someone who is an empath. If you always have been someone who loves listening to your loved ones’ problems and solving them or want to help a stranger in need by simply listening to them, then you can do this by becoming a crisis hotline operator. Sometimes, listening is all we can do to heal someone. You can volunteer, or you can become a paid crisis hotline operator. You will be paid well and you will get to heal a lot of people you never who had been going through so much distress. This job can get you paid to be an online listener. Let me tell you, folks, that most of the candidates who want to become a crisis hotline operator need to have past counseling experience or a psychology degree. Also, the job can be quite stressful and might seem overwhelming as you need to be emotionally responsive to many situations as you listen to people talk out their stories to you.

Listening to Commercials:

Yeah! You read that right; you can now earn by simply listening to commercials. Pretty easy way to make money. You can earn money through many apps and sites where you will be getting paid by simply listening to commercials and taking surveys. Some such sites are  MyPoints and InboxDollars. Both these sites are reward-based platforms that will help you earn money, and the best part is you can redeem your rewards in the form of cash, travel miles, or gift cards. All these while just actively listening to a commercial. It is a very easy and effective way to get paid to be an online listener.

Language Support to Learners:

This is a job which you can take if you have fluency in more than one language and you can benefit from it to make some money. Across the globe, language learners look out for feedback on their sentence punctuation, grammar, and pronunciation. Your job role will include correcting errors in accent differences and helping your students with pronunciation errors while they are actively involved in their speaking skills. Since you will be the language expert, your feedback matters in making the students understand their command over a language. You will be actively involved in advancing their language skills. Overall, this is a great job that will get you paid a decent amount of money.

Podcast Editor:

If you love listening to podcasts, it’s time you put that liking to earn some bucks. Podcast editors are quite in demand in the market. Your job will require you to run through raw audio files, and you will be responsible for polishing and modifying them accordingly to release the final copy. Pretty fancy as you will be getting to hear a podcast in its original format, and you will be getting to make the final edit. You can get hired as a podcast editor by reaching out to different podcast-producing companies. You can create a profile on Upwork to help you get noticed. Being a podcast editor is a great job to get paid as an online listener.

Audiobook Reviewer:

If you keep listening to an audiobook while doing your laundry or cooking in the kitchen, why not put this liking to earn money? The job role requires you to listen to free audiobooks, which the publications will send. Once you are done listening, you will be required to leave your reviews. If you are beginning as an audiobook reviewer, you might not get paid initially. However, you will get paid as you hone your expertise in audiobook reviewing. You can search up for work as an audiobook reviewer on sites like Booklist Online and Audiofile Magazine. These sites help you earn a lot of money when your reviews get published. This is one of the best job roles if you love reading and listening while increasing your bank balance at the same time.

Customer Service Representative:

This is a job which is quite a popular one today. You can become a customer service representative who will require you to solve doubts, queries, or complaints by actively listening to the customers. This job role is very much in demand. Especially as the corporates keep growing their horizon and hire several customer service representatives to cater to their customers. If you want to get yourself hired as a customer service representative, then Indeed and LinkedIn are some of the best sites to look for the job. These platforms have many employers actively searching for customer service representatives.


This is another job that will get you paid decently if you love listening. This job, however, will require you to have a counseling degree, and the job role requires you to listen to people dealing with emotional distress actively. Counselors can be found in schools, universities, organizations, clinics, and hospitals today. They are in good demand as we mental health has become a major topic of concern today. You can apply to be a counselor if you think you have the ability and the knowledge to get someone out of their dark place.


You have many options for getting paid to be an online listener today. Many job roles require the skill of active listening. In this article, we have listed just some jobs that will earn you money to be an active online listener. That’s all, folks. I hope the article helped you in getting all the information you needed.

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