‘Flashpacker Family’ Make Travelling Easier with Kids Today!

If you love traveling and you have kids, then traveling can be quite challenging. However, when you are looking to travel with kids then being a flashpacker family can be the best option. So in this article, we will be sharing everything about the Flashpacker family and how your family can also be a Flashpacker family to get to know about the best of travelling. So, without any more delay, let us get started!

Flashpacker Family:

Folks, if your family loves traveling but wants to have a hassle-free travel experience, then it’s time to become a flashpacker family. But what is a flashpacker family? Well, a flashpacker family is a term that is used to describe a family who shares a common love for traveling the world and travels the world with a backpacker’s spirit but with a flashier budget. When you have a flashpacker family, you are not afraid to explore off-beaten-path destinations, local life, and new things. A flashpacker family, in a way, redefines the norms of conventional traveling with children.

Also, another thing which a flashpacker family appreciates are the creature comfort such as a hot shower, private room, a fast internet connection along with a guided tour. When you look at a flashpacker family, you will find that they are not only flexible but also quite adaptable. They are smart, curious and have a savvy way to travel.

Now that you have got a good understanding of a flashpacker family, head to the next section of the article as we reveal some tips that can be useful when you are traveling with children.

Tips to Travel with Children:

Folks, in this section of the article, we will be sharing some of the beneficial tips that a flashpacker family can keep in mind before they start to travel with their children. Here are some of the useful tips:

Signing Up for Special Deals:

This is one of the most budget-friendly tips that a flashpacker family can keep in mind when traveling with children. There are some of the popular family experiences around the world, such as Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, which have many promotions that they roll out throughout the year. You can hear about them when you sign up for their promotional emails or newsletters. These could include complimentary hotel room upgrades, discounted tickets, or even for a flashpacker family; you will be getting an extra night, which is often on Mondays. These kinds of offers are especially great for flashpacker family when they are traveling to such pricey places that can make their costly gateway much more accessible

Booking in Advance:

Another tip to keep in mind if you are a flashpacker family and traveling with children is to book in advance. The earlier you are booking your trip the more early bird discounts and offers you will be able to bag. This is especially true in peak travel times. Not only that, the early birds will be more likely to get the seats together on trains and planes and will also get better rental options. Isn’t it amazing? Not only that, they will also be getting preferred rooms in hotels

Giving yourself Extra Time:

Another pro tip to keep in mind especially for a flashpacker family is to have a lot of extra time. Everything takes time when you are travelling with children. So, if this is your first trip as a family then you need to make a double or triple of the estimation for calculating how long everything will be taking.

Enrolling in the Travel Rewards Program:

This is another tip to keep in mind for a flashpacker family. When you enroll everyone in a travel rewards program, you will get loads of benefits. The adults in your family will probably be registered for airline points which you might have forgotten for your children. Hence, it is important to enrol children as well in a travel rewards program. Also, ensure that your children are signing up before they start to travel so that they can get the benefits of travel points before starting the journey

Aim to Travel Late Morning or Early Afternoon:

When you have flexibility in your schedule, one of the things that you must choose to avoid is early morning or late night departures for flights, trains, or buses. You can always make sure to travel in the late morning or early afternoon as it will be much more feasible when you are traveling with children. During the time of the day, the windows at the airport are much less busy, and often, they offer the cheapest ticket prices as well.

Now that you all have a good knowledge of some of the tips that you can keep in mind when you are traveling with children, Head to the next section of the article, where we will be discussing the Flashpacker family blog.

The Flashpacker Family Blog:

If your family aspires to be a Flashpacker family, you must know about the blog. This blog is run by Ed and Jac, a couple from the UK who have been traveling the world with their two sons, Ernie and George, since 2015. They have completed traveling about 35 countries across six continents and have experienced everything that any adventurous family would dream of. From camping in the Sahara Desert to snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. In their blog, they cover their stories, experiences, and comments, among many other things. Want to have a glimpse of them? Then, keep reading!

Experiences at the Flashpacker Family Blog:

Folks, here are some of the experiences that they go through, and the Flashpacker family blog vividly captures them in their blog:

Travel Tips :

One of the most fascinating things to keep an account for in the Flashpacker blogs is that you will be getting a lot of travel tips. You will find that there are a lot of practical tips and tricks that the flashpacker family can use. When you are a flashpacker family, you will find that there are a lot of tips on how to plan your trip, how to pack your bags, and how to book your flights, among many other tips that will help you to sail through your traveling experiences. Not only these traveling tips, you will also find tips about how to deal with jet lag, how to keep your kids entertained, and more.


Another important thing for any flashpacker family is to know about the destinations to which they are traveling. In the flashpacker family blog you will find that there are many reviews and guides for various destinations around the world. These include popular places such as  France or Thailand and lesser-known places like Jordan or Namibia. You will also find that there is information on what you want to see, eat, or stay, and along with it, you will also find that there are many other important tips to explore.

Travel Inspiration:

This is another tip that you will find on the Flashpacker family blog. The blog provides a lot of motivation and inspiration for traveling the world with children. There are many posts on why you must travel with children and how to overcome your fears and challenges, among other things.

Travel Gear:

The blog recommends and reviews the best travel gear for Flashpacker families. It also reviews the best suitcases, backpacks, strollers, car seats, and travel apps, among other things. There are also many packing lists for different destinations and seasons.


The flashpacker blog is a great way to look at travelling with children. You will find a lot of important tips and tricks which your family will definitely love it. Also, the blog encourages you to travel with children. That’s all folks. I hope the article will help you to get all the information you need.

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