Best of Taos: Must-See and Must-Do Activities

Are you going to Taos, New Mexico, and wondering what to do? Stop searching! Visitors visiting Taos may enjoy many cultural, historical, and outdoor activities. This comprehensive travel guide will introduce you best of Taos’s attractions and how to maximize your stay.

Explore Taos Pueblo

Native American history and culture thrive at Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the oldest US settlements, this Pueblo shows traces of human presence for over a millennium. The adobe structures will transport you to a period when history and contemporary coexist.

Skilled natives provide tours to Taos Pueblo, revealing its spiritual and cultural significance. You’ll learn adobe construction, pottery making, and the Pueblo’s importance in indigenous customs. Red Willow Creek runs through the Pueblo, creating a peaceful, natural ambiance.

You must see the historic San Geronimo Church with its adobe walls and wooden vigas. Pueblo residents worship there.

Artistic Encounters at Taos Plaza

Taos Plaza is the city’s center and a shelter for artists and shoppers. Gallery and storefronts on nearby streets showcase the best of Taos’ art. The charming adobe buildings that house many museums and galleries constitute art.

You’ll find anything from traditional Southwestern art to experimental works here. Many local artists have studios, making it possible to meet them and learn about their inspirations and approaches.

The galleries and studios of Taos Plaza provide more than just art—they let you experience the town’s creative energy. There are paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and fabrics for any art fan.

Adventures in Taos Ski Valley

Don’t only visit Taos Ski Valley in winter—see the best of Taos’s natural splendor year-round. Every winter, skiers and snowboarders from throughout the globe visit this famed resort. It’s a powder hound’s paradise with steep routes and fresh snow.

When the snow melts, mountain bikers and hikers flock to Taos Ski Valley. From easy strolls to difficult hikes, the route system is ideal. Walking to Wheeler Summit, the state’s highest summit, is essential. Hikers have wonderful views of the surrounding hills and mountains.

A chairlift might give you a different perspective in July. Enjoy stunning Sangre de Cristo Mountain vistas and lush alpine pastures. The outdoor activities below showcase the best of Taos’ leisure alternatives.

Visit the Harwood Museum of Art

The Harwood Museum of Art is a great resource for Taos and the Southwest’s artistic past. The museum has ancient Egyptian sculpture and contemporary art.

The Taos Society of Painters, a group of early 20th-century painters inspired by the region’s natural beauty, created various works. Browse their works to learn about their Taos art contributions.

The museum’s various temporary displays of Southwestern art and culture make every visit unique. Art, history, and culture lovers will find it one of Taos’ most gratifying trips.

Take a Scenic Drive on the Enchanted Circle

The Enchanted Circle is an 83-mile trip through Northern New Mexico’s most scenic countryside. This natural trek showcases the best of Taos’ greatest sights.

You’ll pass through charming places like Questa and Red River as you travel through the countryside. You may fish the Red River, hike in the Carson National Forest, or relax in the high hills of these communities.

The Enchanted Circle Trail travels through lovely woodlands and lakes. You may picnic, see animals, and see stunning views along the way. Deer, elk, and numerous birds live here, so be alert.

The Enchanted Circle offers the best of Taos’ views in one day or several.

Soak in the Beauty of the Rio Grande Gorge

See the Rio Grande Gorge, a short drive from Taos. The Rio Grande River carved this massive canyon, which houses Taos’ most beautiful landscape.

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, 650 feet above the canyon bottom, draws tourists. Walking over the bridge gives stunning views of the abyss and river below. It’s a paradise for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

If you want excitement, choose a guided Rio Grande rafting trip. When floating through the gorge’s towering cliffs and stormy rivers, this natural splendor is seen differently.

Hiking around the gorge is a great way to see its beauty. Choose your journey on one of the many challenging pathways. As you gaze down from the rim, you can see how nature has shaped this amazing environment over millennia.

Discover Taos Art Museums

Numerous Taos art institutions complement the Harwood Museum’s visual display of the area’s cultural past.

The Millicent Rogers Museum has a wealth of Native American art and jewels. The Millicent Rogers Museum examines Taos’ original customs and respects her. Beautiful pottery, jewelry, textiles, and other art demonstrate Native American cultural richness and depth.

The Taos Art Museum, located in the historic Nicolai Fechin House, honors Russian-American painter Nicolai Fechin, who contributed to Taos art. These institutions may help you understand the best of Taos’s art and cultural significance.

Savor Southwestern Cuisine

Taos’s world-class restaurants provide a great introduction to Southwestern cuisine. Town restaurants provide best of Taos’ food, which combines regional ingredients with New Mexican classics and new ways.

Start your New Mexico cuisine journey with The Love Apple and Orlando’s. These restaurants provide green and red Chile, enchiladas, tamales, and sopapillas. Drink a local craft beer or margarita with your meal for the full experience.

Taos has several fine dining restaurants, including El Meze and The Gorge Bar & Grill. Modern culinary techniques work well with Southwestern elements at these establishments. Taos is a terrific place for foodies because of its many eateries.

Relax at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs

A short drive from Taos lies Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, a peaceful retreat. For years, people have visited these natural hot springs for relaxation.

Beautiful gardens surround the natural springs, making it ideal for relaxation. Unique mineral makeup allows pools to be tailored to your preferred temperature and chemical profile. The pool at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs might help you relax, relieve stress, or find peace.

After relaxing in the hot springs, the resort’s spa and wellness facilities are perfect. This is essential for unwinding in Taos’ magnificent natural surroundings.

Experience Taos’s Festivals and Events

Attending one of Taos’ numerous festivals or events is the finest way to experience its culture and community. These activities showcase the best of Taos’ cultural diversity and provide a unique opportunity to meet locals.

Each July, the Taos Pueblo stages a stunning Pow Wow celebrating Native American dance, music, and art. This ceremony talks much about Pueblo’s culture and beliefs. The vivid regalia, throbbing drumming, and complicated dances make this celebration unique.

If you are in Taos, make sure to attend the summer music series. The gorgeous Sangre de Cristo Mountains host these performances with performers from throughout the nation. Listen to nature’s relaxing sounds in the highlands while enjoying music and friends.

At these events, Taos’ diverse community shines. They capture your experience in the city permanently and reveal its rich culture.

Step Back in Time at the Kit Carson Home and Museum

History fans and American West enthusiasts in Taos must visit the Kit Carson Museum and Home. The legendary trapper, scout, and frontiersman Kit Carson impacted American history. The museum offers an interesting look into this remarkable character’s life.

Visitors may experience Carson’s life at his 19th-century house, which has been preserved and museumized. Period furniture, antiques, and displays depict Kit Carson’s life as a trapper, explorer, and diplomat.

Carson’s vast collection of items from his work as an Indian agent and with many Native Americans is a museum highlight. Reading about American West life can help you understand the period.

Visit Kit Carson Home and Museum and consider her impact on the region’s history. If you like history, this is one of the best things to do in Taos since it’s instructive, fascinating, and offers you a true sense of living in another time.

Hike the Taos Valley Overlook Trail

Taos visitors who like nature and views can hike the Taos Valley Overlook Trail. A hidden gem, this trail offers breathtaking vistas of the Taos Valley and Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

The trek is easy but passes through gorgeous pinion and juniper trees with views of the valleys below. As you ascend, Taos and its surroundings grow more beautiful.

The path has a magical character that is hard to define but impossible to forget during dawn and twilight when the sky is most beautiful.

Light across the countryside will delight nature lovers and photographers. This path lets those who don’t want a hard walk exercise and reconnect with nature.

The top offers a panoramic view of Taos’ natural splendor. It’s one of Taos’ best attractions for nature enthusiasts since it’s a peaceful place to relax, ponder, and enjoy the area’s beauty.


Taos’ unique blend of culture and beauty captivates visitors. Taos is a terrific visit for art, nature, and food lovers. The best of Taos’ attractions will make your visit memorable. Start your Taos vacation today to discover all this remarkable area has to offer.

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