Bedworms: Get Rid of The Ultimate Enemy in Your Household

Bed worms can be really scary when it comes to the damage they cause in your household. They might be living in the mattress without your knowledge, and when you leave them as they are, it becomes a breeding place for more bedworms. Horrid, isn’t it? However, you can easily get rid of bedworms by knowing about some of the causes of bedworms. So, keep reading this article to decode everything about bedworms.

Bed Worms:

Folks, before we give you a detailed account of the causes of bed worms, let me tell you about what are they in layman’s terms. Bed worms are parasitic insects that are not any specific kind of pest, but they are the larvae of different insects and a group of pests. Usually, they are found in household furniture and cause significant damage to them.

Now that you have got a good understanding of bed worms. Head to the next section of the article as we decode some fo the causes of bedworms.

Causes For Bed Worms to Become A Breeding Ground:

Folks, in this section of the article, we will be dealing with things that cause bedworms and you must know them to effectively combat these pests at home. Some of the causes are:

Dirty Surroundings:

This is one of the most important causes for bedworms to breed. When the surroundings are dirty, there are significant chances for bedworms to breed. If you are someone who lives in a dirty environment and your surroundings contain things like spilled drinks, food crumbs, food stains, peeled skin, and much more rubbish like these. Then there are higher chances for bed worms to fill your bed. These dirty things are the food to bed worms, and if you do not keep your surroundings clean, it will create a favorable environment for the bed worms to breed in your house and live with you

Material of Bedding:

Another significant cause for bedworms to breed is the material used for breeding. There are certain materials in blankets and bedding that attract bedworms. There are many materials that you must avoid while you are looking to avoid bed worms. These materials can be wool, silk, felt, feathers, fur, and leather. These materials increase the risk of bedworm infestation, and it can be quite a horrid situation. These materials contain a fibrous protein called keratin, which is the favorite food for the larvae of the different cloth worms. Hence, one of the most important things that you can do to avoid bedworms is to not buy any kind of bedding with the aforementioned materials.

Unhygienic Kitchen:

This is another significant cause for the entrance of the carpet moths. If you have a dirty kitchen, then it’s time to clean it up. As it is the most favorite place for breeding worms. If you have certain dirty kitchen wastes such as Uncleaned trash vegetables, egg shells lying on the floor, spilled juice, etc. Then, it might be the reason why there are many types of bed worms that are increasing in your home everyday. When you have a dirty kitchen, it is always best to keep it clean as it will be a significant cause for the breeding of bedworms.

Damp Bathroom:

Another significant cause of bedworms is damp bathrooms. There are chances for bed worms to enter your home from the damp bathroom. Damp and dark are the ideal conditions for breeding bedworms. These larvae will find a place in the entrance of your damp bathroom and will slowly infest the entire home. So, it is important to not have a damp bathroom to avoid bedworms.

Uncleaned Laundry:

This is another reason for the infestation of bedworms. When you have an uncleaned laundry, they highly attract larvae of textile moths that later crawl into bedding and invade the whole bed. Pests will find a mountain of dirty clothes, and they will find it to be comforting. It will eventually become a place for the breeding of bedworms. When you throw dirty clothes in your laundry or on your bed, it will make the situation even worse, and you will be left with a place that will have bedworms. So, make sure to do your laundry to avoid bedworms

Buying Used Furniture:

This can be another reason for the breeding of bedworms. When you are looking to save a few bucks, you never know what the furniture will be carrying. Hence, when you buy used furniture, make sure to look at the hazardous worms part and look at it closely to see whether the furniture is infested with bed worms or eggs of fleas. If you do not check, they might be carrying it to your home. So, make sure to look at these things. Bed worms do not take much time to crawl on your bed and infest it. Also, they keep growing in numbers and will be ready to bite you when you are sleeping peacefully. So, make sure to look at the bed worms angle before you buy any used furniture.

Dirty Storage:

This is one of the least cleaned in the entire household. The room is used for keeping extra furninture as well as different house materials. Also, it is very important to know that if you keep the house unclean for a long time, it might become a breeding place for bed worm infestation. The excess amount of furniture, which will clutter your home and the dark environment, will be a significant breeding ground for bedworms. Also, these larvae will be too comfortable in them to flee.


Now that we all have a good understanding of the causes of the breeding of bed worms, In this section, we will be listing down some of the tips that you can follow to get rid of bed worms:

Decluttering Spaces:

This is one of the most important tips that one can follow if they want to get rid of bedworms. Cluttered spaces are comfortable breeding grounds for all the bedworms and any other kind of pests. They are found in places such as beds, behind the bed, corners of the room, and storage space; the spaces that are found in between the furniture will be cluttered frequently, and you must make sure to clean the spaces every week to not let any kind of bed worms breed there. If you happen to spot larvae of insects in these spaces, sprinkle hot water or spray insect killer instantly.

Cleaning Mattresses:

This is another tip that one must follow to get rid of the bedworms. If you do not clean mattresses, they will become breeding palaces for bedworms. Make sure to stand on your mattress and check thoroughly at least twice a month. Even if you spot one or two-bed worms, then immediately clean them as soon as possible before they grow in numbers. You can also try to steam your mattress at high heat or wash it with hot water, as heat is what chases the pests away.

Spraying Essential Oils:

The smell of essential oil is really pleasant for humans but not so pleasant for the bed worms. When you spray essential oils, they help the bedworms get away instantly. Lavender oil has a stronger smell than any other essential oil. Also, make sure to spray essential oil, which has a lavender smell, and you can spray a few drops of it on the mattress and the pillow. There are some other essential oils that you can get rid of, such as Peppermint, Neem, Eucalyptus, and Cinnamon.

Vacuuming the Entire Bedding:

This is another tip that one can follow to get rid of the bedworms. When you vacuum the entire bed, you will be getting rid of those worms befor they start laying the eggs. This way, you will be protecting your bed from potential bedworm infestation.


Folks, these are some of the causes as well as the tips which one can rememember to get rid of the bed worms. They can be really horrific in damaging the household furnitures and causes disturbance to everyday living. That’s all folks. I hope the article will help you to get all the information you need.

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