Allow Yourself to Change- A Fundamental Law of Nature

Change is the only constant. Often we have heard the saying but there are times when we are so wrapped in our present moment that we get too comfortable with what is around us. So, in this article we will be listing down some of the ways by which you can easily allow yourself to change. So, keep reading till the end as we list them down.

Change Resistance:

Folks, before we delve deep into the complexities of change and the ways by which you can allow yourself to change. Let me tell you about change resistance. Change is often hampered by resistance from people who are affected by it. However, there are many reasons why people choose not to allow themselves to change, and this can lead to change resistance. Here are some of the reasons which are the main causes for change resistance:

Lack of Information:

One of the main reasons why people resist change is that they lack information. By this, we mean that when people do not know the reason why something is changing, they seldom do not allow themselves to change. Hence, it is important to understand the reason behind the change and then allow yourself to change. When the reasons for change are not clearly presented, it is a human tendency to assume the worst in terms of the initiator’s intentions as well as personal impact. They also might not know what to do or how to do it.

Selective Perception:

Another reason why you will not allow yourself to change is selective perception. People often resist change when they personally focus on how they will be affected by the change. Instead of seeing the overall bigger organizational picture, they focus on their own perception. The change that they believe will not suit them will actually not fit into their own personal beliefs and values. There is another thing which people live by that is their own psychological law of Certainty.


Often, when we get too used to any situation, it becomes a habit. Hence, it becomes much more difficult to accept the change, and people therefore resist change. When something becomes a habit it essentially increases their self-worth as they are efficiently as well as effectively able to carry out the tasks. Breaking habits can be pretty hard, and this can especially seem a bit daunting when something new might lead to favorable outcomes. However, you must allow yourself to change, especially when you get too comfortable, as it is the fundamental law of nature. So, be aware of the effect habitual working patterns have on some people.

Fear of the Unknown:

Oftentimes, we resist change because we are scared of the unknown. For example, people might have the question of fear when change comes to their job security. They might be fearing the loss of income, position, stability, and power of status. Social changes that will be occurring would be affecting their job satisfaction. All these things will be contributing to change resistance because of the law of certainty.

Structural Stability:

Another very common reason why you probably are not allowing yourself to change is structural stability. Organizations are the ones that create groups, sub-groups, working norms, rules, processes, procedures, and values, among other organizational ways for producing stability as well as order. Organizational changes are the ones that usually alter the stability, and hence, these are resisted. All these, along with other factors, are the significant reasons why you will not allow yourself to change

Disliking towards the Initiator:

Another common reason why you will not allow yourself to change is that you might be having to dislike the initiator. When people’s thoughts as well as feelings about change are being considered they fear that they are being controlled and that they are losing autonomy over how their life works. These are the fears which decrease the trust in the intentions of the initiator. Hence, they breed resentment and distrust, and there is resistance to change.

Now that you all have got a good understanding about some of the reasons why you might not allow yourself to change. Head to the next section of the article to discover some of the ways by which you can overcome change resistance.

Ways to Overcome Change Resistance:

Folks, in this section of the article, we will list some of the ways you can overcome change resistance. Here are some of the ways:

Participation and Involvement:

If you are not allowing yourself to participate and involve then you will definitely not allow yourself to change. When you participate as well as are involved in activities, it increases understanding as well as enhances feelings of control. Not only that, it promotes a feeling of ownership and reduces uncertainty. You will be more open to change and will definitely be more welcoming towards accepting new beginnings

Education and Communication:

Another very significant way to overcome change resistance is through education and communication. Extensive communication will help to reduce anxiety and will also ensure people understand the reasons for what is happening. One of the effective ways is to let people know beforehand as to what is happening and why it is happening. When people are persuaded that change is necessary and results in benefits, then it will help them with the implementation

Negotiation and Agreement:

Another way by which you can allow yourself to change is by agreeing as well as negotiating. With powerful change resistors, you might have to offer incentives in return for the agreement to changes. This is especially useful ehen people will be losing out on the changes and it also will be alerting people that they might be missing out on the extra benefits if they continue resisting to change.

Facilitation and Support:

One of the effective ways when it comes to resisting change is facilitation and support. People’s anxiety should be normalized and legitimate. Encouragement and support or training and coaching, among other helping methods, must be involved to help the individual adapt to the changes. This will effectively push the individuals to allow themselves to change


There are times when managers need to use their authority and power to threaten negative incentives and to force acceptance of the proposed change. For example, When the necessary changes are not implemented. It will be necessary to close down the plant or cut off from salaries or any other measures. Where speed is essential, and initiators have the power, this is an easy way to overcome resistance. However, if the change is not framed to benefit the organization, it can promote distrust, anger, and disharmony.


This is another way by which change resistance is usually mitigated. This is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to avoid negotiation. This includes framing as well as selectively using information along with implied incentives to maximize the likelihood of acceptance of the change. Hence, manipulation at times comes to resist change for the better

Why You Must Allow Yourself to Change?

One of the most common reasons is that it will help you evolve into the person you are meant to become. Evolution and change are constantly connected, and when you resist change, you will delay the process of evolution further. Hence, it is extremely important to be susceptible to change and not resist it but rather allow it to shape your existence.


When you allow yourself to change you are opening yourself up to endless possibilities which will be in your favor. However, when you are not accepting changes. You will be more comfortable in your present situation and will eventually not have any more possibility to adapt. This becomes a vicious cycle in the long run. So, it is highly important to adapt to the changes and allow yourself to change rather than resisting changes in your daily life. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help you to get all the information you need.

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