All of Us Are Dead Season 2- A Quick Peak into the Deadly World!

Netflix has some great Korean shows, and All of Us Are Dead is one of the most popular Korean shows you can binge-watch. Well, this show created quite a storm with its release, and folks eagerly await the All of Us Are Dead season 2 release date. So, wasting time to dive deep into the details of all of Us Are Dead Season 2 details. Keep reading!

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date:

I am pretty sure you all have watched the most popular Korean series, All of us are dead. So, the show is gearing up for its season 2, and we are here to discuss with you some of the most exclusive details about all of Us Are Dead season 2. For those who do not know, All of Us Are Dead is a K-drama series you can stream on Netflix. Ever since its release, it has captivated audiences worldwide with its gripping narrative of a zombie episode. Season 1 of the show has garnered immense popularity.

Making the fans wait for the All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date. If you have watched the first season, you must know that the show ended on a mysterious cliffhanger. So, it is obvious for fans to have the question in mind- When is season 2 of All of Us Are Dead coming out? Let us get to the more details.

Impact of All of Us Are Dead:

Well, folks, All of Us Are Dead has made a remarkable impact on Netflix. Not only this, it has also garnered immense success by hitting a surprising number of 474.26 million hours of viewership within its initial month of release. The show’s popularity continues to soar as the audiences immerse themselves in its captivating story. This has solidified its status as a phenomenal achievement. Well, folks, it is worth the hype, and we can only imagine how the fans must have been eagerly waiting for the All of Us Are Dead season 2 release.

However, if you have yet to watch a single episode of All of Us Are Dead, then folks, do not wait up and stream it on Netflix right away!

When is Season 2 of All of Us Are Dead Coming Out?

Folks, We can understand the excitement you all have for All of Us Are Dead season 2. But let me tell you that the All of Us Are Dead season 2 pre-production stage. However, there is yet to be an official confirmation regarding the commencement of filming. It is reasonable to assume that the second season will be public at the end of this year. If the production of All of Us Are Dead starts in February, it can be expected that Season 2 will be released in early 2024. This estimation has been considered after estimating the typical timeline of approximately 12 months for filming along with the post-production processes in the television industry.

Cast of All of Us Are Dead Season 2:

Well, folks, you must be eager to know about the cast of All of Us Are Dead season 2. So, let us get to the insights of it right away! We can expect the return of some of the characters as, considering the title of the show, many characters will not be seen in the All of Us Are Dead season 2. However, the actors who are likely to return to the next season are- Dae-su (Im Jae-hyuk), Ha-ri (Ha Seung-ri), Mi-jin (Lee Eun-saem), and Hyo-ryung (Kim Bo-yoon), On-jo (Park Ji-hu), Su-hyeok (Park Solomon).

However, there is also a strong possibility that Cheong-san, the character that is played by Yoon Chan-young, will also be making a comeback. This information was hinted at in the announcement video. Fans were heartbroken by Cheong-san’s courageous sacrifice in episode 11. But for the involvement of the confirmation, speculations have risen regarding the role he will be assuming.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Story:

In the upcoming season of All of Us Are Dead, it will be dealing with the danger that will be presented by hybrids such as Nam-ra. These hybrids will manipulate the virus to their advantage while retaining fragments of their humanity. An insatiable desire for human flesh fuels them. These hybrids will be threatening those around them.

The primary goal of the series is to encourage the viewers to reflect on themselves. It is a concept which is expected to continue in the current season. This also includes the zombie virus in the plot, which emphasizes the necessity of individual responsibility in situations such as school violence. Folks, you must know that no official trailer states the release date for All of Us Are Dead Season 2. 

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Trailer:

If you watch Netflix shows ardently, then you know that the OTT Platform has the tradition of releasing the trailer for All of Us Are Dead one month before the show’s release. Hence, the same tradition is anticipated to be applied here as well. However, whenever the auspicious occasion comes, fans can rely on this source to gather all the essential information about the thrilling new season.

As the All of Us Are Dead season 2 is approaching, fans’ excitement is exciting. It is quite obvious, given the craze the show has created for itself. Considering the series’ exceptional viewership and critical acclaim, the palpable excitement among the fans is entirely understandable. The anticipation for the new season will intensify further as the fans eagerly await the All of Us Are Dead season 2 trailer.

I am pretty sure you all are eagerly looking forward to the All of Us Are Dead season 2, just as we are eagerly waiting for all the details, and by details, we mean the official details regarding the Korean hit to come out. At this moment, we can only patiently wait for the trailer of All of Us Are Dead to drop.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 release date countdown has begun. Fans across the globe are waiting for the release of the trailer. Folks, we can only hope the second season of this Korean blockbuster crosses its viewership record for the previous seasons.


As you wait for the All of Us Are Dead season 2, binge-watch on season 1 on Netflix. In this article, we have briefly discussed the details. That’s all, folks. I hope the article helped you in getting all the information you needed.

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