Yellowstone National Park: Visit the Nature’s Playground!

Visting and planning a trip to wildlife sanctuaries and national parks is a different level of fun and thrill. The sights you get to see and the adventure you experience on your trip are worth remembering always. There are indeed a lot of amazing memories that you create while you plan a trip. Most importantly, if your tour is planned with your family members or friends, then the happiness and joy just get multifold.In this article, we are going to talk about Yellowstone National Park, which is well-known for its beauty, vastness, and the range of plants and animals for whom the park is a home. Every year, many people wish to visit the Yellowstone National Park. Let us see what is the best time to do that and what things are to be brought into consideration before the final day.

About Yellowstone National Park

Millions of people visit Yellowstone National Park every year, which serves as the centerpiece of the National Park Service. The park has become an attractive tourist spot for nearly every individual and so they like to visit the park frequently. Visitors may enjoy the park from the luxury of their car while traveling on the Grand Circle route and can also stop for a break at one of the many wayside picnic sites. The park is mesmerizingly beautiful and has a range of wildlife species living in it. The park contains thousands of miles of trails, from day hikes to backcountry adventures, for the energetic tourist. Here are some of the top reasons to visit the park, all of which are situated along the Great Circle route. Other specialties of the park are-

  • World’s First National Park: 2,219,789 acres (larger than Rhode Island and Delaware put together)
  • Wildlife: 7 species of ungulates (bison, moose, elk, pronghorn); 2 species of bear; 67 other mammals
  • Plants: More than 1,100 native species, more than 200 exotic species, and more than 400 species of thermophiles.
  • Geology – One of the biggest calderas in the world, the park is home to more than 10,000 thermal features and more than 300 geysers. It features one of the biggest petrified forests in the whole globe.
  • The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, which are 308 feet high, is the centerpiece of its more than 290 waterfalls.
  • The Yellowstone National Park has over 2,000 campsites at 12 campgrounds and 9 visitor centers.

Yellowstone National Park- All Visiting Details

If you love adventure and thrill and you prefer to explore various wildlife and greenery at different places, then Yellowstone National Park is a must-visit place for you. The park has a versatile variety of wildlife, including both flora and fauna. Let us look at the visiting details that you must know before visiting Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park-Opening and Closing Dates

Normally, Yellowstone National Park can be visited during three major seasons- the spring, the fall, and the winter. However, the opening and closing dates for the park are subject to change depending upon the weather conditions, pandemic, calamities, or other natural disasters. Primarily, the park is open to visit from April to May, October to November, and December to mid-March. Other than that, certain facilities might be closed or not available during this time period.

Yellowstone National Park- Entry Fee

The entry fee for the park varies depending on the type of vehicle you are carrying along with you on the trip. The heavier the vehicle you use, the more you are supposed to pay. Following is the list of the entering fee for the park.

  • A public, non-commercial car costs $35
  • A motorcycle or snowmobile costs $30 in the winter.
  • Visitors 16 and older pay $20 to enter on foot, on bike, on skis, etc.

The tourist receives a 7-day access pass for both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks for this price. In order to enter Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, a single private, non-commercial vehicle has to have a park annual pass, which costs $70. Seniors can enter national parks and public areas with the Lifetime Senior Pass. The cost of the Senior Pass is $80. A $20 Annual Senior Pass is now available for purchase. The Annual Pass is valid from the date of purchase for a whole year.

Yellowstone National Park- Where to Enter?

There are 5 park entrances in Yellowstone.

The only park gate accessible to wheeled vehicles year-round is the North gate near Gardiner, Montana. Access to Cooke City, Montana is available from November through April. Wheeled vehicles cannot travel on US Highway 212 east of Cooke City from November through April. Wheeled vehicles may use the Mammoth to Norris route from April 20 to November 4, and tracked-over snow vehicles can use it from around December 17 to March 12. The nearest airport is in Bozeman, Montana.

West Entrance – Located in West Yellowstone, Montana, the West Entrance is accessible by tracked-over snow vehicles from December 17 to March 12 and by wheeled vehicles from April 20 to November 4. The closest airports are in Salt Lake City, West Yellowstone, Bozeman, and Idaho Falls.

Wheeled vehicles can access Cooke City through the North Entrance through the Northeast Entrance, Silver Gate, and Cooke City, Montana, all year long. Roads east of Cooke City open at different times of the year depending on the weather. Depending on the weather, the Beartooth Highway is open from late May or early June until mid-October. The nearest airport is in Billings, Montana.

Wheeled vehicles are allowed via the South and east Entrances from May 11 to November 4, and tracked oversnow vehicles are allowed through from December 17 to March 12. The closest airports near the South Entrance are in Jackson, Wyoming, while the East Entrance is in Cody, Wyoming.

Yellowstone National Park- The Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the park entirely depends on your personal interests. As per what has been noticed, springtime features a variety of fauna, thunderous waterfalls, and unpredictable weather, so ideally, it is the best time to visit the park. It may snow or be in the seventies.

However, that is not the case with everyone. The park even experiences more people about it throughout the summer. Here is our best advice if you and your family are considering a summer vacation. Get going and have breakfast while driving. This is sure to give you a more pleasurable experience altogether.

It is also suggested that you hardly plan a visit to the park during the autumn season. During the autumn season, there is a sense of urgency for the fauna, and the weather is quite different altogether. Even the crowds appear to be getting smaller. Winter is a solitary season. Visiting the majority of the park was more “economical” in previous years. Except for those who can afford a snow bus or a guided snowmobile excursion, access is increasingly more limited.

Furthermore, due to its accessibility and plowed road, the North Entrance sees the most traffic during this season. Thus, we strongly advise you to plan your vacation in advance because there are 5 gates and more than 2 million acres. We advise you to buy one of the many Yellowstone travel guides or DVDs that are available.

The DVDs can be of great help for you, and they can assist you in navigating easily through the park. Also, try to get a travel planner if you want more precise planning. Above all, you can even buy a Yellowstone DVD if you want to learn as much as you can in less than 90 minutes.

Things to Know Before Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Other than the visiting details, there are certain minute details that you must take into consideration for sure before visiting Yellowstone National Park. These details are necessary to consider in order to prevent any troubles on your tour. Following are the factors that you need to keep in check before making the final trip.

No Vehicle Reservations Required

It is not necessary to have vehicle reservations when you enter Yellowstone National Park. all you are supposed to have is a park entrance pass which can be conveniently purchased online. It can save a lot of time for you.

Check Road Status

Mid-April sees the majority of park roads open to conventional automobiles, and early November sees them close to wheeled vehicles (cars, vans, motorbikes, etc.). However, weather-related closures might occur at any time. For additional details on the state of the park roads right now and any traffic delays brought on by road construction work, see the park roads website.

Give Wildlife Room

Always ensure that you do not get too close to the wildlife and give them the necessary room to prevent unwanted accidents or mishaps.


Planning a trip that is adventurous and fun requires beforehand planning and a lot of preparations. Yellowstone National Park is a great place to go if you love nature and you want to have an exciting tour altogether.


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