Winter Wonderlands to Explore Around the World!

Sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the snow-clad mountains has its own charm, isn’t it? Well, this time, you can experience this on your vacation. How? In this article, we will be sharing some of the best winter wonderlands that you can explore with your friends and family. Not to mention, you will have a memorable time! So, without any more delay, let us get started!

The Best Winter Wonderlands in the World:

Folks,, pay close attention to this section of the article, as we will be discussing some of the best winter wonderlands, and you must include at least one of them in your bucket list. So, let’s head to it right away!

Cotswolds, England:

This is definitely a scenic beauty which you cannot resist to enjoy in the winter. Cotswolds is England’s most timeless countryside, and the place becomes even more breathtaking when the cottages, chic inns, and horse farms become snow-clad. You will explore many wonderful things here, including a visit to a horse farm. This place is no short of a painting as the place becomes heavenly during the winter months.


Definitely, Switzerland is the most iconic and beautiful country in the world. If you want to experience the best of winter, then Switzerland is the ultimate destination for you. Surrounded by Apls, this place will be a winter wonderland where you will see the snow-clad country with the Christmas feel. There are many natural sights which you can explore such as the ski slopes, frozen lakes and the most luxurious resorts which you will find here are definitely worth the watch. So, are you visiting Switzerland for your next trip?

Lake Minnewanka, Canada:

This lake in Canada is a definite treat to the eye. The magical Banff National Park has no shortage of lakes, but the lake Minnewanka is one is the winter wonderland that you cannot afford to skip. It is located in the eastern part of the park and has got epic views of the Canadian Rockies, and you definitely cannot afford to miss them. This is definitely a place that you must visit if you are in Canada and want to experience the winter wonderland

Shirakawa-go, Japan:

If you do not include Japan in your bucket list during winter, then you are missing out on a lot, buddy. Let me tell you that the coldest parts of Japan are in the northwestern regions. However, Japan in winter is best represented in the snow-covered thatched cottages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama. These villages are also protected by UNESCO and cover about 170 acres of land in Central Japan. They look as if they are tucked into the mountains like the snow globe, which will be difficult for you to distinguish in terms of reality. Definitely a must-visit place, and if you are planning your next vacation in the winter, then consider Japan on your list.

Gdańsk, Poland:

Winter and Poland have a connection that is unmissable. There is a deep sense of warmth and coziness that creeps into the city of Poland, especially in the month of the Christmas Fair. However, the highlights of this place include the advent windows, snow globe, a sleigh ride flight simulator, and a speaking elk. Well, needless to say, this is the ideal place that will give you all the Christmas and winter vibes. You definitely have to include Poland in your list of Winter wonderlands to explore. Also, do not forget to ride the two-floor Gdańsk carousel, which will give you all the winter and Christmas feels.

Vienna, Austria:

Want to sip hot chocolate and enjoy a cozy winter? If yes, then head to Austria, where you can gorge on delicious hot chocolate and Sacher torte. Also, you can enjoy and listen to the classical holiday concerts along with  Instagram Schönbrunn Palace and St. Charles Church, which are covered in snow.

Apostle Islands, Wisconsin:

Want to experience magic and a wonderful winter wonderland? If yes, then head to the Apostle Islands, where you will see the magical transformation of the island. When the temperature drops and Lake Superior hardens, the island goes through a transformation that is simply unmissable. The streams and the waterfalls, which usually flow through the structured rocks, seem like freezing in time. Also, the caves become covered with massive, needle-like icicles. A great place to visit if you are in search of some true natural beauty. This place is definitely a winter wonderland, and you simply cannot miss out on this beauty.


If you do not include Paris in your list of winter wonderland visits, then you will simply miss out on a lot. The city of love looks breathtaking in the winter. The city lights definitely give the city a vibrant feel, and it becomes even more when the snow covers those lights to usher winter and Christmas. A great place to get a vibe to get in Paris when you visit in winter. However, the most magical sight of it all is to look at the Eiffel Tower and the  Louvre, which sizzles in the light of the city, and you will love the place with the city lights. So, if you are planning to visit Paris in Winter, make sure to look at the Eiffel Tower shine in its glory.


There are just a few places in the world which is more stunning than the southernmost continent in the World. The continent is rich in diversity, even though 99 percent of the land is covered in snow. You will explore some of the surreal glaciers, active volcanoes, and the rough waterways of the Drake Passage. Also, you definitely cannot miss the 360-degree view of the untouched snow. The beauty of this place will be more enhanced when there will be emperor penguins or a humpback whale comes into the picture. It is a great place to visit, and you will definitely be left with a lifetime of memories and experiences.

Lake Bled, Slovenia:

This is the true epitome of a winter wonderland; you will find a dotted islet and waters where you can row boats. Undoubtedly the lake Bled is the most sought-after place to visit in the winter. This is also one of the most popular destinations in Slovenia. If you want to experience winter and rich wintery vibes, then Slovenia is the best place to visit. The site becomes even more worth it when the surrounding Julian Alps becomes snow-clad, and there is a fog that settles over the lake. Definitely worth a visit, and you will experience great winter vibes here.

Other Popular Destinations to Visit:

Folks, here are some other options that you can consider visiting to experience some of the best winter wonderlands.

  • Lofoten Islands, Norway
  • Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
  • Jökulsárlón, Iceland
  • Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
  • Mt. Fuji, Japan
  • Bergen, Norway
  • Ilulissat, Greenland
  • Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Central Park, New York City
  • Budapest, Hungary

Why Visit These Places During Winter?

Folk, there are many reasons why you must visit these places, especially in the winter. One of them is being able to witness the best of the city’s beauty along with the snow-clad mountains and greenery. Another reason is to make the most of memories while ushering in Christmas. So, folks, if you are looking to create some memories and enjoy your vacation in a different way, then these are some of the places that you can definitely look to visit.

Also, here you will be experiencing as well as exploring a lot of the other sights and rides which during the other months of the year are not so scenic as during the winters. All these places hold a rich fervor during the time of Christmas and winter. If you are looking to witness the best of Christmas and New Year months, then you have to plan to any of these cities. Overall, these cities and places hold the significance of their own in showing the natural transformation weaving magic of its own. So, pack your bags and get ready to experience the best of winter wonderlands around the world this winter.


In this article, we have briefly curated a list of some of the best winter wonderlands, and you will definitely have the experience of a lifetime once you visit these places during the winter months. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help you in getting all the information you need.

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