WatchCartoonOnline: Top 10 Alternatives to Watch Cartoon Online

All cartoon lovers assemble because, in this article, we will discuss the famous watchcartoononline site. There are many questions regarding the site being crashed or not working, so to put a full stop to all these questions, the answers to them will be revealed here. If you love watching cartoons, then you must know about the watchcartoononline site. It is one of the best cartoon streaming sites. The number of cartoon streaming sites you find on the web does not come with the extensity and variety this website offers. So, is it true that watchcartoononline site is not working anymore? Let us find out.

Watch Cartoon Online:

As mentioned already, watchcartoononline is one of the best streaming sites for cartoons. The site offers the best of cartoon shows and extensive and varied content. However, due to copyright issues, the site had to be shut down. In spite of the effort to keep people from watching their favourite shows for free, many new streaming websites have sprouted to take the place of WatchCartoonOnline.

But folks, do not worry; you do not have to give up on your favourite cartoon. In this section of the article, we will discuss some alternative sites where you can watch your favourite cartoon. So, without any delay, head to the next section of the article.

Watch Cartoon Online Alternatives:

In this section of the article, we will be discussing some of the  watchcartoononline.io alternatives, and you use these alternative sites to watch your favourite cartoon.

AnimeHeaven: You can watch a diverse range of anime series with an ad-free experience and a clean interface, and you will get both subbed and dubbed versions.

Chia-Anime: An anime streaming site that offers viewers a diverse collection of anime titles. This includes popular and lesser-known series, an intuitive interface, and multiple streaming options.

Crunchyroll: You can discover an extensive library of anime titles. This includes simulcasts, available in high-quality resolution and an easy-to-navigate platform.

9Anime: You can enjoy a popular platform offering various anime series across various genres. It comes with a user-friendly interface, and there are regular content updates.

KissAnime: You can access a vast collection of anime titles. This features a user-friendly interface, multiple languages, and also a dedicated community of anime fans.

These are some of the best watchcartoononline alternatives. Now, let us look at some of them in detail. I am sure you are equally excited to know about the watchcartoononline.com free website alternatives in detail. So, let us get to it!


This is one of the best watchcartoononline alternatives that you can watch your favourite cartoon. Folks, let me tell you that this is more of an app than a website. It has a huge collection of animes and cartoons. If you are new to the world of anime and do not want to get into the trouble of looking at anime series in the Japanese language, then this is the site for you to go to. It supports English-dubbed titles.

The user interface and experience are average, but the quality of the videos is excellent. However, it doesn’t have a stable domain name. Hence, you have to keep yourself updated from time to time since it changes several times.


This is another alternative site for watchcartoononline. This is one of the oldest sites, and it has been around ever since the start of the anime culture. You will easily be able to find a large variety of popular cartoons or animes. You can watch all these in HD quality and with minimal ads. If you are truly an anime fanatic, you can also use the platform by signing up and creating a watchlist of animes you want to watch.

Additionally, to traditional anime and anime movies, you will also be able to find some of the most popular American TV shows and animated movies on Kisscartoon. The best part is that you can stream for free. However, you may have to deal with some pop-ups and ads before you start streaming. So, have patience with those pop-up ads, and you will be good to go.


This site is considered one of the best sites for anime lovers. If you love watching watchcartoononline, then you will love watching this site, too. The site contains a library for both dubbed as well as subbed anime. However, the most liked feature about this site is that the homepage, which you can see on this site, is absolutely ad-free. Hence, you will be able to enjoy browsing different titles without any interruption. Even though it is a free streaming website, you can also check out both the old and the latest titles that are available in the anime industry.


This is another best alternative to watchcartoononline. However, its recent shutdown has disappointed the fans, so they have to move to a new website. But the good news is that the site still has a lot of active mirror sites. On these sites, you can check out all the latest anime shows and movies for free. Isn’t it amazing?

Kai Plays:

The best thing about this anime site is that the titles are arranged in alphabetical order, and you do not have to look out for the anime without having a hassle. It also allows you to find the cartoon series that you want to binge-watch easily. However, you have to create an account to enjoy the cartoons that you are eyeing, but there are also several shows that you can watch without having to go through the registration. This is one of the most user-friendly anime sites that you can probably get to.


This is another alternative to watchcartoononline. The site has a complete library of all your favourite anime series. There is also a tab dedicated to the pronouncement of the anime with the latest episodes being downloaded.

This is perfect for people looking for something to spend their time while waiting for new episodes of their favourite shows. The site also includes a list of anime movie titles. You can easily create an account if you want to interact with the website. If you don’t want to create an account, no worries. You will still be able to watch content here.


If you are a cartoon fanatic, then you have to check out this site. This site has some popular cartoons, and you can explore them. You will also see many cartoons that are rarely seen on well-known channels. In other words, you will be able to learn a lot about new cartoon titles.

The site has lots of ads, but this doesn’t stop it from giving people an above-average user experience. There isn’t much of a distraction despite the ads because of the new pages that get opened up in a separate tab.


This is another site that has got some of the wildest selections of all your favourite cartoon shows. However, it has one disadvantage, which is that the site has multiple ads. It means you could be directed to another page if you click on a title. This could be an inconvenience for some people. However, it didn’t prevent the site from garnering about 5 million users.


This is another popular alternative to watchcartoononline. The site is easy to navigate, and most importantly, it gives you free access.

If you want to visit this website, then you might find all those cartoons that you’ve forgotten back in your childhood. You can also re-live your Disney memories by watching the old Disney music videos. Pretty nostalgic!

However, the only disadvantage is that you won’t be able to find the latest cartoon titles. The website has a pretty simple design and along with an easy interface.

Anime Show:

Of all the anime sites that are on this list, this site has the most number of shows saved in its library. However, people don’t like to stream anime here very much, as the number of ads on the homepage can be quite distracting.


Watchcartoononline is a popular site, but you don’t need to worry as we have listed some of the best alternatives for you. In this article, we have briefly discussed watchcartoononline and the top 10 alternatives to help you find your favourite anime series. That’s all, folks, I hope the article helped you in getting all the information you needed.

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