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All the Instagrammers assemble because you are going to get the best of the Instagram experience. As we know, Instagram is one of the most happening social media platforms. The platform has given much opportunity to influencers, businesses, and individuals to make their mark on the platform. Pixwox is a very favored tool that has been present for a long in the market for giving users an enhanced user experience. So, in this article, we will be briefly talking about Pixwox and similar sites like Pixwox. Keep reading till the end.


It is a software application that allows users to download Instagram videos, pictures, highlights stories, and highlights automatically. You can download it for free on the Google app store as well as on the Apple store. It is a very easy-to-use platform, and it will save you a lot of time when it comes to downloading content for Instagram. So, pixwox is a very favored tool for people who are looking to have an enhanced Instagram experience.

Not only this, folks, you can also download images and videos from people’s updates quite quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is tap a button, and your desired photo or video will be saved on your device. A great tool that saves a lot of time.

Now that you all have a good idea about the Pixwox software, you must have questions as to how to download Pixwox for Instagram. So, without any more delay, let us get to the downloading process.

The Process to Download Pixwox:

Folks, in this section of the article, we will lay out some of the easy steps that will help you to download Pixwox. So, let’s get to it!

  • Firstly, you need to go to the Apple or Google Store on your iOS or Android device
  • Then you need to search for “Pixwox” in the search bar of the app store
  • Once you get to know about the app, then you need to tap on” Get” and then click on install
  • If you are an Apple user, you need to enter your password for your Apple ID
  • The app will start to get downloaded on your device

Folks, these are some of the easy steps you can follow to install Pixwox on your device

Now that you all have a good idea about Pixwox, in the next section of the article, we will be discussing some of the alternatives to Pixwox. So, read the next section of the article to know some of the best alternatives.

Alternatives to Pixwox:

Read this section of the article carefully, as we will be discussing some of the best alternatives to Pixwox. Some of the alternatives are:


This is one of the best alternatives for, where you can browse and view the Instagram stories of many Instagram users anonymously. Pretty cool, right?

All you have to do is search for the username, and you will be getting access to the username in no time. This feature makes it very similar to Pixwox, and you can enjoy this alternative as well.


instalkr Instagram is one of the alternatives where you will be able to view people’s IG stories anonymously. It is a replacement for Pixwox only when you want to view people’s stories on Instagram and do not want to download it. You can also use this software for spying on the user’s stories, as you will be able to stalk them. Not only this, you can also stalk the accounts of the people who have blocked you. There are many other features which you can explore in this alternative


If you are looking to expand your Instagram profile picture, then you can try this alternative. This software allows you to view and download Instagram stories, profile pictures, and posts to your mobile without even doing anything. You can view the profile picture in HD and also watch, save, and download it in its original quality. But note that a person might not be able to view a profile picture of a user who has a private Instagram account


This is a very useful alternative. This application allows you to download videos and pictures on your device from Instagram. People often choose this over Pixwox because the app lets you repost the saved photos without even giving watermarks. You will also be able to explore content on FastSave, and it is not restricted; hence, a person can download it in any quantity


This is another great alternative and a very sleek tool, just like Pix Wox. Here, people will be able to download user’s Instagram stories, and with this tool, you will definitely become a pro-level stalker. With this tool, you can download stories, posts, IGTV, and other content. Not only this, you can also choose to enjoy the currency story of the highlights of the page. You also need not sign in to start using the platform.


Another tool is pxiwox, where you will be able to edit as well as view content on Instagram without even logging in. With this tool, the user will be able to browse and edit Instagram stories, followers, posts, tags, locations, and profiles for unlimited time. Another great feature is that it is completely free, just like Pixwox. You can also explore the Instagram tags as well as check the likes and comments under any posts. Overall, it is a great tool for giving an enhanced Instagram user experience.


This is an online video downloader for Instagram, and with this tool, you will be able to download and copy the picture or video address. You can also save it in your drive. You can also save the IGTV video, and this tool helps you download pictures and videos without much effort and all you can do is click on the toolbar button.


This is another great alternative that you can use to download videos and images from Instagram. The added feature is you will be able to download content from private accounts as well. This tool works across all the platforms, and you will be able to use it efficiently on mobile and tablet. All you have to do is to paste the link to the Instagram post and then save it in the input field on the homepage. After that, you need to hit the download button, and then a link will be created. It is a very easy-to-use tool.


This is another replacement for Pixwox, and you can download images or videos from Instagram without having to open the Instagram application to view a particular photo or video. When you are using this application, you will be able to save images or videos, and in this way, you will have your favorite picture in hand. For reposting the content, you need the permission from the owner of the content


This is an alternative where you will be able to download different forms of posts from Instagram. You can download stories, DP, highlights, and posts. All these are of high quality. It works really well on your computer and phone, and it is perfectly optimized for mobile usage. Hence, it is a pro tool that automatically saves Instagram stories.


Some of the benefits of Pixwox are:

You can seamlessly edit videos. You can add many additions to your video content, such as music and graphics, as well as adjust the brightness color and trim videos lengthwise or crosswise. You can also add captions and subtitles, create video slideshows, and more.

You can also edit photos. On this platform, you will be able to edit photos effortlessly. You can add text and watermarks to photos, adjust brightness and color, and crop photos. Also, perform other basic edits.

You can easily share your videos and photos, which you have edited, with your family and friends using Pixwok’s sharing features. Here, you will be able to share photos directly by using the app as well as via social media platforms along with email. Not only this, you will also be getting the option for making copies of shared photos or videos, which can be used offline.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Some of the commonly asked questions about Pixwox are:

Can I transfer my Pixwox data to an alternative?

It solely depends on the alternative, so make sure to check their policies.

Will I lose my Pixwox followers if I switch to an alternative?

Your followers will not be affected when you switch to an alternative

Are these Pixwox alternatives user-friendly?

Yes, all the alternatives mentioned offer very user-friendly interfaces.


Folks, Pixwox is a very useful tool for enhancing the user’s Instagram experience, and so does all its alternatives. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help you in getting all the information you need.

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