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Mythological Monsters that Are Not Real or Are They?

Monsters are just a figment of our imagination. However, the mythology says something else. In mythology, there are many such mythological monsters that are scary enough to make you question their existence. So, in this article, we will be unraveling the mystery of some of the best mythological monsters that are a relief that they do not exist in reality. So, keep reading the article till the end to explore some dark mystical secrets.

Mythological Monsters that Are Just Myths:

Folks, in this section of the article, we will be unraveling some of the mythological monsters that are scary with their mere imagination. Let’s check them out!


If you have read Vedic scriptures, then you might have come across the Pishachas. They are the flesh-eating demons that are created by the God Brahma and are extremely dangerous beings that eat the flesh of humans, both living and dead, and lurk in desolate houses and graveyards, waiting for humans to infect them with either disease or madness, consume the flesh of humans regardless of their freshness. They are the most dangerous of all demons. However, to ward off such demons, in southern India, people carry a piece of iron or neem leaves when they are walking in the forest. They are so inhuman that they do not leave pregnant women, and they are more prone to attack by these demons


She is the most dangerous of the mythological monsters and goes by many names- the German, Austrian, Swiss, and Alsatian. The spirit performs many roles. In Butzenbercht, she is the one responsible for delivering presents to all the good children in Ephipany. However, if you do not appease her with your favorite food epiphany, such as dumplings or pancakes and herrings on the day of the Feast of Epiphany. She becomes the stomach slasher, which means she rips open the stomach of those who have not done right to her. Then she sews the wound with a plowshare, which acts as a needle or chain for the threads. The parents often scold their children with her name and scare them with her presence when they misbehave. Known to be the most dangerous of the female mythological monsters.


The reason why earthquakes occur is science; isn’t that what we know? However, it’s time to forget science and know about Namazu. It is a mythical monster looking like a catfish and is responsible for causing seismic shakes. The appearance of this catfish is like an eel-like body, with a flattened head and whiskers framing its mouth. It rests underneath in Japan. A large stone named Kaname-ishi rests on its back. It comes out from its back above the ground in the temple of God Kashima. This stone binds the catfish until Kashima’s attention slips. Isn’t it a bit scary to think of such a giant catfish? Well, that is one of the many reasons why we must be thankful that this mythological monster is not real.


If you have studied Roman folklore, you must have encountered the mythological demon Poreskoro. It is one of the children of Ana, the queen of fairies, and Locolico, the king of demons. When Ana’s fairy court made her a cake from the hair of a hellbound cat and a powdered snake with the hope that it would rebel against the demon king- but instead, Poreskoro was born. Poreskoro is a scary mythological monster that has the appearance of a human body with three cat heads and four dog heads. You will also find a snake with a forked tongue as his tail. This demon is particularly responsible for causing epidemics and contagious diseases. It loves the ones that are caused by parasites. Wasn’t this mythological monster a bit scary?


This is a Scandinavian mythological monster that is also called- the “tearer of corpses.” It is responsible for constantly threatening the existence of the entire world. It has got the appearance of a giant serpent or dragon and it eats the corpses to sustain itself. Isn’t it a bit scary to think of a corpse-eating mythological monster? Well, this monster resides on Nastrond, the Shore of Corpses, in Niflheim, the “house of the mists. ” The Nastrond is on the lowest level of the universe. When this Scandinavian monster is not eating any corpse, it bickers with its unnamed eagle on the top of the tree. If you think that this mythological monster is alone, then I am afraid you are wrong. It has got many serpents to help him destroy the Yggdrasil


It is the mythological creature named in French known for appearing throughout European stories. In Germany it goes by the name- Mahr, and in England, Nightmare. This mythological monster is responsible for snatching away one of the most precious things in our lives, which is good sleep. The monster jumps on the chests of sleeping humans, inflicting them with pain. When the Cauchemar pounces on a human, they wake up suddenly, and as there is heavy pressure on their chests, it causes them to be incapable of moving. The effects of the Cauchemar are pretty noticeable; agitation and refusal to go to sleep at night are some of the major effects of this mythological monster’s attack. One of the ways to combat this monster is to keep a piece of iron nail in the mattress, and also one can keep the shoes at the side of the bed with the toes pointing out.


This mythological monster is created by the spirits of a woman who has died during childbirth. Rest assured; you will be bound to get scared when you look at its appearance in the middle of the night. It has the appearance of a frightening lady with floor-length hair, which hides a hole in the back of her neck. It has long talons and the ability to fly. Not only does she make for a frightening sight, but she also steals fish from the fisherman’s nest. She is also a shapeshifter and her ultimate goal is to drain the blood out of an unguarded infant. One can stop this mythological monster when her talons and hair are cut and inserted into the hole in her neck.

Bean Nighe:

This is another frightening mythological monster, also known as “The Little Washer ” by the Ford. Her name means an Omen of Death, and this Scottish spirit is not friendly at all. She has the appearance of wearing green clothing and being small, with red webbed feet, and she lives in washing the bloodstained linens of those about to die. If anybody watches her while washing, it can foretell his own death or the death of someone he loves. Pretty devastating. She lashes out when she spots te observer, and her attack is so dangerous that one touch from the cloth can break both her legs. This mythological monster answers three wishes when the observer arrives at the water edge but is it really worth it to risk your life for three wishes?


These mythological creatures are definitely scary, and if you are someone who has a fear of ghosts, then you definitely need to be aware. They are spine-chilling and goosebump-raising demons that will scare the life out of you. So be careful. That’s all, folks. I hope the article will help you in getting all the information you need.

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