Best Monkey Pokémon Across Generations

Monkey Pokémon have captivated fans since the early days of the franchise. Known for their playful nature and unique designs, these Pokémon bring a sense of fun and adventure to the game. In the world of Pokémon, Monkey Pokémon often exhibit traits similar to real-world monkeys, such as agility, curiosity, and a love for mischief. From the feisty Mankey to the fiery Infernape, these Pokémon offer a diverse range of abilities and characteristics that make them stand out.

Fans across the United States love Monkey Pokémon for their energetic personalities and dynamic movesets. Whether you’re exploring the Kanto region or venturing into Galar, encountering a Monkey Pokémon always adds excitement to your journey. Their popularity extends beyond the games, with many appearing in the animated series, merchandise, and even Pokémon trading cards.

Monkey Pokémon also play significant roles in various game strategies. Their versatility in battles, combined with their charming appearances, makes them favorites among both casual players and competitive battlers.

Generation I



Mankey is the original Monkey Pokémon from Generation I. It is known for its fighting spirit and relentless energy. Mankey has a mischievous nature and a fierce temper, making it a formidable opponent in battles. With its high-speed stats, Mankey can quickly outmaneuver many Pokémon, making it a favorite among trainers who love fast-paced battles. Catching a Mankey in the wild can be a thrilling experience, as its wild and unpredictable behavior keeps trainers on their toes.



Primeape evolves from Mankey and takes the title of the most aggressive Monkey Pokémon in Generation I. This Pokémon is known for its unending rage and incredible strength. Primeape’s furious nature makes it a powerhouse in battles, capable of delivering powerful blows to its opponents. Trainers who seek a strong and determined fighter often choose Primeape for their team. Its intense demeanor and fighting prowess have made Primeape an iconic Monkey Pokémon in the Pokémon series.

Generation II


Aipom, the Long Tail Pokémon, made its debut in Generation II. This cheerful Monkey Pokémon is known for its playful nature and mischievous antics.

Playful Personality

Aipom is a Monkey Pokémon that loves to have fun. Its curious and energetic demeanor often leads it into all sorts of playful adventures. With its tail as a hand, Aipom can grab objects, swing from trees, and play tricks on others.

Unique Tail

One of Aipom’s most distinctive features is its tail. Unlike other Pokémon, Aipom’s tail is strong and versatile, functioning almost like a third hand. This unique trait makes Aipom an exceptional climber and a fascinating sight in battles and on the field.

Battle Skills

In battle, Aipom’s agility and quick reflexes give it an edge. Although it may not be the strongest Monkey Pokémon, its speed and ability to learn a variety of moves make it a versatile choice for trainers. Aipom can be an asset with moves like Swift and Double Hit, keeping opponents on their toes.

Generation III Monkey Pokémon


Slakoth, the Slacker Pokémon, is known for its lazy demeanor. Found in the Hoenn region, Slakoth spends most of its time sleeping and conserving energy. With its normal type, Slakoth might not seem impressive at first glance, but it evolves into something much more formidable. Despite its sluggish nature, many trainers find Slakoth’s relaxed attitude endearing and a unique addition to their team. In the world of Monkey Pokémon, Slakoth stands out for its extreme laziness.


Vigoroth, the Wild Monkey Pokémon, is the evolved form of Slakoth. Once it evolves, Vigoroth becomes a hyperactive Pokémon that cannot stay still. Its constant movement and boundless energy make it a great fighter in battles. Trainers appreciate Vigoroth for its speed and power, making it a valuable asset in any team. Among Monkey Pokémon, Vigoroth is known for its energetic and aggressive behavior, providing a stark contrast to its pre-evolution.


Slaking, the Lazy Pokémon, is the final evolution of Slakoth. It is one of the most powerful normal-type Pokémon, boasting high stats and immense strength. Despite its power, Slaking is often seen loafing around and taking breaks during battles, which can be a strategic disadvantage. However, with the right tactics, trainers can leverage Slaking’s power to great effect. In the realm of Monkey Pokémon, Slaking is recognized for its incredible strength paired with its infamous laziness, making it a unique challenge for any trainer.

Generation IV


Chimchar is a Fire-type Monkey Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. Resembling a small chimp, Chimchar has a playful and energetic personality. Its tail flame burns brighter when it’s in battle or excited, symbolizing its fiery spirit. Chimchar is a popular choice among trainers who love its agility and spunk. This Monkey Pokémon evolves into Monferno at level 14.


Monferno is the evolved form of Chimchar, transitioning into a Fire/Fighting-type Monkey Pokémon. With a more robust build and a serious demeanor, Monferno is known for its excellent battle skills and strategy. It uses its tail flame and strong limbs to outmaneuver opponents. Trainers appreciate Monferno’s balance of speed and strength, making it a formidable competitor. Monferno evolves into Infernape at level 36.


Infernape, the final evolution of Chimchar, is a powerful Fire/Fighting-type Monkey Pokémon. Resembling a fiery martial artist, Infernape combines its high speed and offensive prowess to dominate battles. Its design is inspired by the mythical Sun Wukong, giving it a legendary aura. This Monkey Pokémon is highly favored in competitive play for its versatile move set and relentless fighting spirit.


Ambipom is a Normal-type Monkey Pokémon introduced in Generation IV, evolving from Aipom when it learns the move Double Hit. Known for its twin tail hands, Ambipom is both playful and cunning. Its unique design and jovial nature make it a standout among other Pokémon. Trainers often utilize Ambipom for its surprising agility and clever tactics in battles. This Monkey Pokémon has a knack for performing impressive stunts and tricks.

Generation V Monkey Pokémon


Pansage is a Grass-type Monkey Pokémon that resembles a green monkey with a leafy tuft on its head. It’s known for its playful nature and enjoys helping others by sharing its leaves, which can heal ailments. Pansage is often seen in forests, blending in with the foliage, making it a favorite among trainers who appreciate nature and herbal remedies.


Simisage is the evolved form of Pansage. This Grass-type Monkey Pokémon stands out with its fierce appearance and sharp leaves. Simisage is known for its agility and powerful attacks, making it a formidable opponent in battles. Trainers in the US love using Simisage for its dynamic combat skills and its ability to adapt quickly to different battle situations.


Pansear is a Fire-type Monkey Pokémon with a red, flame-like tuft on its head. It loves heat and can shoot fire from its body. Pansear is often seen in volcanic areas or near hot springs. American trainers find Pansear endearing for its fiery spirit and the warmth it brings, both in and out of battles.


Simisear evolves from Pansear and continues the fiery legacy as a Fire-type Monkey Pokémon. With a more robust build and enhanced fire abilities, Simisear is a popular choice for trainers looking for a strong, dependable partner in battle. Its playful yet fierce nature makes it a hit among Pokémon enthusiasts across the US.


Panpour, a Water-type Monkey Pokémon, is characterized by its blue fur and water-droplet-shaped tuft on its head. It thrives in aquatic environments and is known for its refreshing spray of water that can cool down even the hottest days. Trainers in the US appreciate Panpour for its calming presence and its ability to provide relief from the summer heat.

Generation VI

Passimian: The Teamwork Expert

Passimian is a unique Monkey Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. This Fighting-type Pokémon is known for its strong sense of teamwork and coordination. Passimians often appear in groups, working together to achieve their goals.

Appearance and Characteristics

Passimian has a distinctive appearance, resembling a lemur with white fur, black markings, and a helmet-like crown. Its athletic build makes it an agile and powerful Monkey Pokémon. Passimian carries a hard fruit, which it uses both as a weapon and as a symbol of its leadership within its group.

Abilities and Battle Strategy

Passimian’s primary ability is Receiver, which allows it to inherit the ability of a defeated ally. This makes Passimian a strategic choice in team battles, where it can adapt to various situations. Its strong Fighting-type moves, like Close Combat and Rock Smash, make it a formidable opponent. Passimian’s move set emphasizes teamwork, fitting its role as a Monkey Pokémon that excels in cooperative play.

Habitat and Availability

In the Pokémon games, Passimian can be found in dense forests, where it lives in harmony with its group. In the Pokémon Sun and Moon games, trainers can catch Passimian on Ula’ula Island. This Monkey Pokémon prefers warm, tropical climates, similar to the lush forests found in parts of the United States, like Florida or Hawaii.


Passimian, the Teamwork Expert, stands out in the world of Monkey Pokémon for its unique abilities and strong sense of group dynamics. With its athletic build, strategic battle skills, and cooperative nature, Passimian embodies the spirit of teamwork and adaptability. Whether found in the lush, tropical forests of the Pokémon world or serving as an inspiration for cooperation in team sports, this Monkey Pokémon captures the hearts of trainers and fans alike with its dedication to its group and its prowess in battle.

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